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    Question Rare Dr. Doom Marvel Legends?

    I don't collect the Marvel Legends line yet, I plan to start after I pay for school. But I know that the Dr. Doom figure is short-packed to begin with, but he also comes with a variant. What are the two Dr. Dooms? Thanks in advance.
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    The two Dooms are:

    The real Dr. Doom (human face under the mask)
    Doombot (robot face uder the mask)

    The Doombot is the rare variant, and it is pretty rare indeed. They currently go for around $30 - $40 on ebay. Sure wish I could find one at a store!

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    I have only seen Doom once, I snatched it up right away. He isn't the greatest figure, but he still looks cool.

    And Good Luck on starting now. Around here all that is left is Iron Man and Cap. America. I would get figures like Hulk, Thing, and Torch online if I were you.
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    I have never seen a Marvel Legends figure in the store yet, and I haven't gotten any of series 2 or 3 yet.

    However, I don't care for collecting variants, so it's all good.
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    Actually, they also made a Gold Dr. Doom variant.
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    They also made a Gold Iron Man Variation. And a Yellow Daredevil variation. I like the way they do the variations.
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    Usually I don't like variants, but the Marvel Legends varients are pretty cool. I didn't find Yellow Daredevil or the Doom Bot, but I was lucky enough to find the silver and gold Iron Man. It looks cool!

    gsr-jedi, my TRU still gets in Captain America and Iron Man along with Series 2, so you could still get them at retail.

    Just a reminder, Series 3 is already out.
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    Well fortunately, the variants have been version that I didn't want.

    Such as Blue/Gold Iron Man, Doombot, gold Doom, Trenchcoat Thing, Yellow Daredevil, etc.

    If they made the regualar versions, variants, like McFarlane does with their sports figures, that would **** me off, and I might not buy them. I still don't understand why they make a teams more popular colors the "variant". Oh well. Guess I'll stick with Vick in his road jersey.
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    The other day I saw Thing with overcoat on, I guess it's a packaged variation.

    All of these variations would drive me crazy, I'm actually glad I decided not to collect these. Don't get me wrong, I think they are great, but too many V.V.V.H.T.F. variations, like the Gold Doom/Iron Man or the yellow Daredevil.

    It would be one thing if it was just a packaged variation, coat on vs. coat off. At least you can open them and go along your merry way. With these things, it's pretty much a completly different figure.

    Although I gave up with the SAGA SW figures, I'm still pretty much a completist by nature.
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    I have been a completist, but not with variants. I just like to make sure I have the one version of the figure.

    But yeah, the variants are annoying. But they know it adds "collectibility" to them, because it adds a sense of value.

    But I refuse to pay more, for the same figure with a different paint job. That darn Michael Vick variant is going for over 50 bucks now!
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