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    Favorite POTJ figure.

    What's your favorite POTJ figure? And why?

    Dagobah Vader.

    Why? Unique semi-clear plastic, makes this a first! Decapitated Vader....too cool. Plus you get a Luke figure, kind of. HEHEHEHEHE!
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    I'm partial to 300th Boba Fett right now, mainly due to Ep2 anticipation.

    However, Mechanic Chewie has been my consistent favorite since I first got him. I have the best looking one I could find set up with pull-apart Threepio on his back and I love him to death.
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    Thumbs up

    As always...300th Edition Boba Fett.
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    300th figure Boba Fett is my favorite.

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    Thumbs up you guys are gonna hate this, but...

    I have to pick Shmi...
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    300th Boba Fett puts 90% of the rest of the POTF2/POTJ/E1 lines to shame. There are very few figures that can compare with the sculpting and coolness of this bad boy.
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    I would have to say Chess Table Chewy. I guess it's because of the table, I love that Hasbro put the figures on the table and Chewy's arms behind his head. X-wing luke is pretty cool also, due to the fact that he doesn't look like "The Rock" god I hate wrestling
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    Yes, 300th Fett is VERY VERY VERY cool, but he's extremely unfair to the rest of the POTJ figures. I would have to say the new Sandtrooper is numero uno. Cool accesories, AWESOME paint-job, and Sandtroopers are just plain cool. Riding on those Dewbacks, man that's cool stuff.


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