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    I am definitely going to refresh my memory tonight by watching ROTJ... but do we actually see Vader / Anakin take his last breaths when he is lying there with Luke? I seem to recall Luke and Anakin talking about Leia... blah blah blah... then a few moments later we see Luke trying to get Vader into the shuttle.

    I'm not sure I agree with some of the theories I have read here. I'm not saying they are wrong because who am I to say... But anyway --- I don't think it is about being ready for death. Something just tells me that that would be too easy to figure out.
    It has to have something to do with acceptance. Meaning that Luke "forgave" him for turning to the Dark Side and thus accepted him back as a father. Being as Star Wars has religious implications... maybe it has something to do with salvation. I don't want to get into a religious discussion... but anything is a possibility.

    But if you think about it... he could have disappeared and all that was left was the suit. Who knows. I think GL would have made it clear if Anakin disappeared. Anyone have GL's number? I will call him and ask him!!!

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    In my opinion Qui-guy didn't because he was a rebel and always defied the council. I believe that Obi-Wan said something about defieying the council and that Qui would have been on the council if he would quit defieying them. Thats how I took it and maybe he wasn't one with the force because he didn't go along with the council. And as for Vader I think some one else already said this ,but maybe he did disapear and luke was just burning the armor, good points white bread...
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    yoda? yoda taught him how to do it? yoda wasn't even his master!

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    Originally posted by ki-adi mundi's bro
    yoda? yoda taught him how to do it? yoda wasn't even his master!
    GL said that Yoda taught him how sometime between Ep3 and 4, and that it'll NEVER be explained in the movies. When Yoda and Obi-Wan turn out to be the last Jedi, I'm sure Yoda shares some of his knowledge with Obi-Wan, it'd be stupid not to.
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    Yeah Yoda and ben: "Okay Obi, you go thataway and I'll go thisaway. If you see the Skywalker kid before I do, tell him this *whispers in Obi's ear* psssswsssspsssssp."
    Okeydokey Yoda me old matey, see you in about twenty years..."
    And so it went.

    What does it really matter The physical form is useless to masters of the force anyway, a mere hindrance The true nature of the Jedi is in spirit form where they can act as guardians in ways they simply couldn't when alive and flesh and blood. Look how crap Ben was at teaching Luke when he was alive. Luke never learned anything. Once he hit that spirit level he got Luke tuned in to the hip coolness of the force daddio! he saved his best shots for when he was a spirit. all the truth about vader and leia was given once he was a spirit so Luke couldn'r take a pop at him.

    So Anakin dies on the DS, Luke drags the body to the shuttle and leaves the DS. back on Endor he burns the flesh and armour. Anakins spirit is already at one with the force having gained redemption the moment he killed Palpatine.
    Yodadisappeared for a clever way to make a tug at the heart strings in an emotionless scene with a big ugly green muppet with wonky eyes and fozzy bears voice. It was a bad attempt at distracting us from how bad the movie was.

    Ben disappeared because Lucas couldn't think of any way to get round the fact that vader cuts an old man in half in a kids movie. Censorship regulations of the mid seventies anybody? Ben is just a wizard who can make magic. It's as simple as that. No mystery or deep significance written into it. He just vanishes end of story. Anakin doesn't cuz Luke would look bloody daft dragging empty armour to a shuttle wouldn't he? It's that easy. Just a decision made to show death and redemption. A son drags his father away for a decent burial far from the evil location of his death.

    Why didn't Qui-Gon disappear? because if he did there wouldn't have been time for Ewan to cradle him and weep like a big girly wuss. What would be the point of it? What purpose does it serve within the story? Does it advance the story? Does it advance a character along a path? Nope.

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    yoda? yoda taught him how to do it? yoda wasn't even his master!
    Obi Wan, "But Master Yoda said I should be mindful of the future."

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    I understand Qui-Gon is Obi-Wan's master, but I guess that Yoda can be considered a second master for most Jedi.

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    According to a few of the E1 reference books and the Jedi Apprentice series, Yoda is the main trainer for all kids at the Temple until they turn 13. At that point, they were taken on as Padawans or shipped off to become farmers.
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    Not to mention, all masters were referred to as masters, even by other masters.

    Like Yoda; "Master Qui-Gon, more have you to see."

    Plus, if you were a Jedi Master, every padawan and Jedi Knight would be below you on the rank system, so you would be their "Master".
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