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    Civilization collapses...Star Wars survives.

    I just finished watching "Reign of Fire"!

    For those of you who have not seen this movie yet, the premise is that Dragons are unearthed and destroy civilization.

    Anyway, there is this small group of survivors who are fighting to stay alive. Late at night they put on little plays and stuff to entertain the kids. In one scene these two guys do a re-enactment of the battle between Luke and Vader on Bespin, complete with "I, am your father" and the inevitable "NOOoooooooooo!"

    It was quite entertaining.
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    Yeah, that scene was pretty funny. Plus the fact that they call Vader and Luke, the Dark Knight and Light Knight. Or was it Black Knight and White Knight? I forget now, it was a while ago. Regardless, it was funny, as well as the fact that they claim that they wrote it to the kids.

    Unfortunatly it's also the best part of the movie. The movie was terrible, other then the occassional Dragon battles. The acting and plot was pretty bad. The stuff that should have been cool, the dragons devestating the world was cheaply glossed over.

    The Director and a few others involved with the movie, said that they didn't want to actually show the dragons destroying the cities, due to 9/11. Lame reason, just like cutting out the scenes of the chunks of the moon impacting into the city in the recent remake Time Machine movie.

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    Ugh, yeah, not to mention the delayed release of "Spider-man" so that they could take out all of the shots of the Twin Towers.

    Anyway, I didn't think it was that bad. I really did wish we could have seen the devastation first hand vs. the headlines in the opening credits.

    What we did see of the Dragons was really well done. What little CGI work they did looked better than EPII IMHO. Which again begs the question, "Why didn't they do more?" I get the feeling it had to do more with budget constraints than sensativity. You know Hollywood.
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    I don't recall them delaying Spider-Man, I know they pulled the cool Twin Towers trailer. Still have that saved on my computer. Should have been on the DVD, but they had to worry about the overly sensitive.

    I'm glad you liked it. I wanted to like it, but it ended up with me thinking..."When is this going to be over?" But each to his own. I agree that the dragon action was cool though. Wish it would have had a better plot and acting for my tastes though.

    The CGI dragons were pretty good, as good or better then EII...well, that's debatable. I guess I was hyped for a kick-arse end of the world, loss of hope film. But it turned into Aliens with Dragons and bad acting. Find and kill the larger male dragon, to ensure the species can't propogate.

    And the sensitivity over 9/11, just turned it into another big monster movie, where all the cool stuff happens off screen. Not only that, then the rest of the movie they are annoyingly referring and refrencing stuff that happened off screen.

    I guess it all comes down to this. If there is one thing that really pulls me out of a movie, and lowers my appreciation of it. Is when a movie resorts to... "Hey, remeber when this happened" ... scenes, used to tell a story.

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