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    Hasbro, here's the thoughts of a 13-year-old

    Hey Hasbro,
    You're probably reading this. As JJB has stated, you're not allowed to respond or anything. Just take this list into consideration. By the way, I turned 13 last month, so I'm more of a kid that plays with the Star Wars figues than I am a middle-aged mint carded collector. You're always saying "It's for the kids." Yeah well I think the "action features" are crap (most of the time). Same with some of the action poses. Just give the bloody figures several points of articulation and no odd action poses okay? I will soon include a wishlist of figures that I, a 13-year-old, would like to see. At least take some of the ideas into consideration.
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    Go for the jugular JabbaJohnl. I'm right behind you. sock it to 'em good style.

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    Make the figures the kid wants Hasbro. Do it now. Oh, wait, we don't know what the kid wants yet. Well, come on then JabbaJohnL, enough dallying, on with it! And no blasted pantsless-Padme either (although Id support that figure, Hasbro won't - especially coming from a minor like you. What would your parents think?).

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    Hey just give me time . . . I have school again y'know, I can't just sit here all day and comprise a list of good figures. I'll get on it soon though (I'm gonna type it on Works first, then copy it to the web). And Hasbro won't mind, their idea of "soon" is at least three months.
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    being 16, and having bought SW figs since the age of about 8, I can remember very good what I liked on my figs and what I disliked when I was still playing with them

    so here's what I liked:
    a lot of accessories (to create different "battles")
    a lot of articulation (posing was very improtant and if the figs fight some cool poses are really better)
    having figs that actually fit in the vehicles there made for (I hated it when I had to SHOVE the fig in the vehicle with violence, or couldn't even make it at all)

    and what I didn't like:
    action-features like "kicking-action" or slashing-action, cause you can't really play with a figure if you can't put the arm up without it shooting down again (or vice-versa)

    so just listen to the people hasbro and make figs with more articulation and accesories and take away the action-features (but leave the magnets though)

    just my opinion of course...
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    MY 8 year old sold out to other trendy toys because he doesnt like the SW figs anymore because they break very easy and the poses are awful.
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    I think it's fairly straightforward. Set the clock back to 2001 and look at those. Make them like that from now on. Many neutral poses. Many great sculpts. Many neat accessories. Many characters we wanted. Many awesome paint jobs. Some desirable ships. That was the way to go, and look at the bloody departure last year. Back to basics, guys.

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    Okay, finally, the Episode I list is done. I did not distinguish between basic and deluxe figures, that's for you to decide. Oh yeah, because of the new deluxe three-packs (Jedi, droids, clones), the troop builders 4-packs will be lowered to the price of $15. Here we go:

    *Obi-Wan Kenobi: Naboo Palace. Includes two cloaks - one standing, one kneeling, lightsaber, blast deflection effect, removable braid. The cloaks are for either standing normal or kneeling in front of Yoda. His lightsaber can clip on his belt. His braid must be sculpted more skinny this time, kind of like the Episode II Anakin figures, only it can come off for the final celebration. POA: head (up/down, left/right), shoulders, elbows (so he can have his hands by his sides, cross them or hold a saber), wrists, waist, legs, knees.
    *Qui-Gon Jinn: Final Duel. Includes lightsaber, funeral pyre. Of course, this Qui-Gon has battle damage in his chest. The funeral pyre is the fiery thing that he is cremated on. He can be set on the pyre, and the fire goes around him. He can also be posed to hold his saber, and kneel down on the ground. POA: head, shoulders, elbows, waist, legs, knees.
    *Darth Maul: Naboo. Includes lightsaber, probe droid, battle droid parts. From the scene where he’s standing there in his cloak. Well really from any scene where he’s standing there in his cloak, because the Tatooine figure is too pre-posed for anything but the Tatooine duel. His lightsaber blades should be the correct length, with a metal hilt, and perhaps he should be holding his saber with one blade connected, and the other blade nearby. Just throw in another amazing probe droid like the one from the Sith Apprentice 2002 Maul figure. And some battle droid pieces, to scatter Theed with. But other than some cool accessories and a cool pose with articulation, he needs nothing. POA: head (up/down, left/right), shoulders, elbows (so he can keep his hands by his sides and also hold his saber with two hands), wrists, waist, legs.
    *Darth Maul: Holograph. from the “This is my apprentice, Darth Maul” scene. The first attempt at him (light-up) was okay, except for the fact he had no face tattoos and could not move. Just paint darker blue on the black parts of his face. This figure will go nicely with the screen scene I will describe later. POA: head, shoulders, elbows (he HAS to be able to cross his arms).
    *Padmé Amidala: Handmaiden Disguise. Includes cleaning rag, necklace, blanket, holographic Sio Bibble. She should be in the orange outfit. Sio Bibble should be miniature. The necklace is the one made out of a Japor snippet that Anakin tries to give her. The blanket is cloth, and it is the one she covers Anakin with. She has cloth lower robes so she can move her knees. POA: head, shoulders, elbows (so she can clean R2-D2), waist, legs, knees.
    *Queen Amidala. Include whatever she has in the scene. All of her costumes, ALL of them. POA: whatever necessary for that particular costume.
    *Battle Droid: Naboo Battle. Includes blaster. A battle droid that can fold up like in the movie. But just give it a lot of articulation, no “Push my back and give me a seizure” button. Its hands should be able to hold a blaster as well as hold its legs. POA: head (folds down), shoulders (ball-joint), elbows, legs, knees.
    *Destroyer Droid: Naboo Battle. Includes shield, blast effects, removable parts. Give it a head like the Geonosis Battle Destroyer, but give it a body like the Battle Damage one (only with no blast marks). I suppose exploding action like the Battle Damaged one would be okay. It has removable parts so it can look either blasted apart or ready for action. The blast effects can fit comfortably on each of his four blasters. The shield is just a big blue ball that isn’t connected to the droid. POA: head (removable), arms (removable), legs (in two places).
    *Nute Gunray: Naboo Palace. Includes mechno-chair, removable hat. He can sit in his chair, and I wouldn’t mind if the chair had some kind of wind-up thing (that didn’t screw up the sculpt) that made it walk. He had cloth lower robes and very soft plastic outer ones so he can stand up, and be tall. POA: head, shoulders, waist, legs, knees.
    *Captain Panaka: Royal Security. Includes helmet, blaster, comlink. A very neutral Panaka with removable helmet and comlink that can connect to his belt. The blaster is his normal one, not the battle droid one. His lower skirt is cloth. POA: head, shoulders, elbows (so he can have them normal or hold a blaster), wrists, legs, knees.
    *OOM-9: Naboo Search. Includes blaster, mini holographic Nute Gunray and Rune Haako. No odd “head-pop-up” movement on him. This version of him should be able to hold a blaster with two hands. The holographs could be one piece. POA: head, shoulders, elbows, legs, knees.
    *Queen Amidala’s Handmaidens. Make every version (orange, yellow, red, purple, etc.) and with some different heads so they all don’t look the same. POA: head, shoulders, elbows, waist, legs (on the purple battle ones).
    *Anakin Skywalker: Boonta Eve Challenge. Includes helmet, pit droid, maintenance spider droid. His face should be dirty like it was after the race. The pit droid should be a normal one, not Otoga 222. The spider droid (same thing like the Teemto accessory, but no button thing) should have unfolding legs. POA: Anakin - head (up/down, left/right), shoulders (ball joints), elbows (to hold pod handles), wrists, waist, legs, knees. Pit droid - head (like the other pit droids), shoulders, elbows, legs, knees. Spider droid - 3 on each leg.
    *Qui-Gon: Jedi Tester. Includes comlink, blood test kit, wall piece. From the scene where he sends the midi-chlorians to Obi-Wan. He can sit on the wall piece like he did in the movie and talk to Anakin about the stars. POA: head (up/down, left/right), shoulders, elbows (so he can hold the comlink to his mouth, and treat Anakin’s arm), wrists, waist, legs, knees.
    *Jar Jar Binks and Mars Guo: Boonta Eve Challenge. From the scene on the DVD when Jar Jar thinks everyone’s cheering for him. Mars should be to scale. Jar Jar should be smiling, and have his hands open. POA: Jar Jar - head (up/down, left/right), shoulders (ball-joint), elbows, wrists, waist, legs, knees. Mars - head, shoulders, waist, legs.
    *C-3PO: Anakin’s Droid. Includes cloth blanket, removable eye, podrace flag, cleaning rag. POA: head, shoulders, elbows (for holding the flag), waist, legs, knees.
    *Watto: Gambler. Includes hovering stand, staff, chance cube, base. He has motion capture wings, just like the new Watto figure. His hovering stand can be on its own and also plugs into the base. The chance cube is magnetic, and when placed on the base, it moves around to simulate Qui-Gon moving it (due to magnets). POA: head, shoulders, legs.
    *Kitster and Wald: Anakin’s Friends. Includes pan thing for Wald. POA: Kitster and Wald - head, shoulders (ball-jointed on Wald [for his victory dance]), waist, legs.
    *Seek, Amee, Melee: Anakin’s friends. POA: Seek, Amee, Melee - head, shoulders, waist, legs.
    *Aldar Beedo: Pod Racer. Includes goggles, pit droid. The “AAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!” guy. POA: Aldar and pit droid - head, shoulders, waist, legs.
    *Ark “Bumpy” Roose: Pod Racer. Includes goggles, two pit droids (one mushroom-headed, other Otoga 222). POA: Ark - head, shoulders, waist, legs. Pit droids - head, shoulders, elbows, legs, knees.
    *Ben Quadinaros: Pod Racer. Includes goggles, two pit droids (both mushroom-headed). This guy is in the movie for a while, he should be made as soon as possible. POA: Ben - shoulders, waist, legs. Pit droids - head, shoulders, elbows, legs, knees.
    *Booles Roor: Pod Racer. Includes goggles, pit droid. POA: Booles and pit droid - head, shoulders, waist, legs.
    *Clegg Holdfast: Pod Racer. Includes maintenance spider droid. POA: Clegg - head, shoulders, waist, legs. Droid - 3 on each leg.
    *Dud Bolt: Pod Racer. Includes helmet, maintenance spider droid. The racer with the cardboard pod. POA: head, shoulders, elbow (to scratch eye), waist, legs.
    *Elan Mak: Pod Racer. Includes wrench, goggles, pit droid. The Rick McCallum-described dumb guy who switched his name backwards. POA: Elan and droid - head, shoulders, elbows, waist, legs, knees.
    *Mawhonic: Pod Racer. Includes pit droid. His legs should be in the position where he can bow really low. POA: Mawhonic and pit droid - head, shoulders, elbows, waist, legs, knees.
    *The Tyerell Family: Ratts Tyerell, Mrs. Tyerell, and Two Children. Includes: goggles, toy pods. The Mrs. is smiling and can hold the baby. One of the kids is a baby, the other can hold the pods. POA: Ratts, Mrs. and Older Kid - head, shoulders, legs.
    *Jira: Fruit Vendor. Includes fruit stand, pallies, Sith probe droid. The old lady who loves Anakin. It doesn’t matter if she can stand up, she didn’t in the movie. She has pallies that Anakin gives to Qui-Gon. The droid should be able to break in half. Using the technique from Deluxe Yoda with Super Battle Droid, the probe droid can move around on a clear stand because of a control stick. When the droid reaches a certain spot, it falls over and breaks in two. To re-enact its encounter with Qui-Gon in the deleted scene. POA: head, shoulders, elbows, waist.
    *Gragra: Chuba Vendor. Includes chuba stand. This character was odd-looking, and should be a figure. A few of the chubas can be removable from the stand, so Jar Jar can take them. POA: head, shoulders, waist, legs.
    *Chancellor Finis Valorum: Queen’s Arrival. Simply the Chancellor in the costume from when he meets the Queen (really the decoy) for the first time. His arms are behind his back. POA: head, shoulders, waist.
    *Sei Taria: Chancellor’s Aide. Includes senate cam. Valorum needs an assistant. The camera is no different than the one that comes with Orn Free Taa. POA: head, shoulders, waist, legs.

    *Jar Jar’s Fate: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Qui-Gon Jinn, Jar Jar Binks, four Gungan guards, Boss Nass, four council members. Released in four pieces, makes the scene where Jar Jar is brought before Boss Nass’s council. Jar Jar is in binders, the guards have poles, and Boss Nass and his council members are sitting down. POA: whatever is necessary for each figure.
    *News of an Escaped Ship: Nute Gunray, Rune Haako, Darth Sidious. They are all sitting down, with a full table. Darth Sidious is a holograph. He has a peg behind him so the holographic Darth Maul (sold separately) can stand there. I frankly don’t care if they can come out of their chairs or not. POA: Nute - head, shoulders, elbows, waist. Rune - head, shoulders, elbows, waist. Sidious - head, shoulders, elbows.
    *Gran Senators: Aks Moe, others. Aks Moe is standing up, the others are sitting. POA: head, shoulders, elbows, waist, legs.
    *Rodian Senators. The three Rodian senators, as seen in both Episode I and II. These guys are shown for a bit in both movies, and they need to be made. They come in a senate pod. If there are any that are sitting down, make them sitting down (I can’t remember if there are any sitting ones). POA: head, shoulders, waist.
    *Twi’lek Senators: Orn Free Taa, other twi’leks. This Orn Free Taa should have his Episode I costume. The other twi’leks were added to the DVD and are much cooler than the humans that were in there before. They come in a senate pod. POA: head, shoulders, waist, legs.
    *Wookiee Senators: Yarua, others. Since Yarua got a fair representation in the fan’s choice poll, why not make him along with his other Wookiee senator friends? They come in a senate pod. POA: head, shoulders, elbows, waist, legs, knees.

    *Battle Droids. Includes blasters, blast effects, backpacks. Four regular, cream-colored battle droids. They have the ability to hold their guns with two hands. They each have a blast effect for their blaster, and a normal battle droid backpack. POA: head, shoulders, elbows, legs, knees.
    *Security Battle Droids. Includes blasters. These are the same from the POTJ line, only in baggies. They have trim. POA: head, shoulders, elbows, legs, knees.
    *Naboo Royal Guards. Includes blasters. This pack has two figures like Naboo Royal Security and two like Naboo Royal Guards. They will have different heads for troop building. The Royal Guards have new arms that can look normal no matter what position they’re in. POA: head, shoulders, waist, legs.
    *Naboo Pilots. Includes helmets. Just some run-of-the-mill Naboo pilots. With the body of Ric Olié but with different heads as well as cloth cape things. Their helmets are removable. POA: head, shoulders, waist, legs.
    *Coruscant Guards. Includes blasters. The same figure released in the POTJ line, but four of them. POA: same as before.
    *Gungan Warriors. Includes two shields, two poles, four boomers, four boomer holders. The same figure from POTJ and in the new Gungan Accessory Pack. The shields are the same from the POTJ figure, and the poles are the same from Captain Tarpals. The boomers can be placed on the holders, and have holes so they can stay in place on the holders, which have pegs. POA: head, shoulders, waist, legs.

    Whew! Episode II coming soon . . .
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    Re: Hasbro, here's the thoughts of a 13-year-old

    Originally posted by Mr. JabbaJohnL
    so I'm more of a kid that plays with the Star Wars figues than I am a middle-aged mint carded collector.
    Middle aged? I think theaverage age around here is like 30 or so.

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    Couldnt you have summed that all up by asking Hasbro to give Star Wars figs the articulation of the 3 3/4 GI Joe figs?

    I asked the guys from Hasbro that question at Celebration II. The response was less than desirable as they said Lucas, NOT Hasbro decides how the figures are made ( what type of plastic , etc ). Thus showing that the older Joes with seemingly better plastic and WAY better articulation are a Hasbro creation, and with the Star Wars line.. Lucas gets what he pays for.

    Thats the way they explained it to me anyway.
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