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    Maybe they give Anakin the rank of Jedi Knight because it's such a time of stress in the Republic, and they feel rushed to fill their ranks. And they think maybe Anakin's gloatful tendencies will be satisfied by a title that is nothing more than honorary, and they think maybe his hatred will work to their advantage. After all, the Jedi Order, in the end, is no more powerful than their weakest Padawan.

    Is "gloatful" really a word?
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    I agree completely with Jedi Tricks, and add to it.

    Someone posted more of the script, actual lines from Episode 2's "Harry Potter" trailer [in this forum -check all the latest E2 threads], and in less than a week you will hear it in Padme's own words (and she called long-distance from Coruscant to tell me using all her free minutes on Sith PCS)


    The Force is in everything, so natural selection will keep new reproduction from producing the Force sensitive.

    However, I think Qui-Gon has a lot of bastard children populating the galaxy, so they're not especially worried about it.

    Anyway, saving Obi-Wan's life, or trying to anyway, might be Anakin's last heroic 'Jedi act' and he'll try to leave the order shortly after that, to run away with his new love. Well wouldn't you? (But I'd keep that starfighter...)

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    Must be why he's not too kind to his wife....or soon to be, I don't think they're married until some part in the movie when a wedding segment happens? I heard that somewhere awhile back...
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    i knew i'd read something before about the jedi order forbidding relationships, but couldn't remember where i saw it. the has a description of trailer #3 that will play with harry potter. the dialogue of this trailer should clear this confusion about a jedi marrying all up


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