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Thread: Secret Trailer

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    Secret Trailer

    Well the Star Wars secret web site is about to release the new Trailer and people like my-self and JediTricks whom don't have access to it would love it if those that do would share the wealth, PLEASE.

    Post anything and everything about the new TRAILER here.
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    I too would like to know what is in the new trailer Even better if you have pictures
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    It's November 9th....WHERE IS MY TRAILER!?!?!?

    Noting the anticipation level across the globe, shouldn't this thing be up and running at midnite? If it says Nov. 9th, then have it up on Nov 9th! ooooohhhh
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    Angry Waiting...

    I'm waiting until tomorrow.

    I have to help me mum with some stuff tomorrow afternoon and she has the DVDrom drive on her computer so I will try to access it from there.

    So it looks like waiting in one form or another for all of us!!!
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    Angry I am looking for a trailer. Have you seen it?

    This sucks. It's 10:30.CST. Where is it?

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    i will get to see it monday...let ya know!

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    I want to what the deal is too since i don't have the dvd-rom drive.
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    I have the DVD and DVD ROM and I'm sitting here right now trying to figure out how to get the DVD to access this secret website. All it wants to do is either play the movie or say something about a script error. I got it pnce before on that site, when they showed the pictures, but I can't figure out how to get back.
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    To make a long and sad story short and joyous, I lost my main PC to an inner demon determined to destroy my oldest and most reliable system so that it could become better than it once was. I have the technology. I can rebuild it. Make it better, stronger, FASTER :happy:. Now I actually have to go and rebuild the thing so I can access the DVD site with the DVD ROM. I will get my butt in gear, and keep my fingers crossed!


    I had loads of trouble with the software that came with TPM DVD. Keep working with it, I got it to cooperate eventually. I think it had something to do with not letting it play, and instead going to the menu. I will let you know once I get my main machine working.
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    Okay, 12:35 Pacific Time. I just spent my entire freakin' lunch break trying to get this thing to work. No trailer there yet. I only have access to a DVD-ROM at work, so I brought my DVD and a pair of speakers (the computers here lack them) and wasted a lot of time.

    The "Choices" thing with the still pics isn't bad. . . . BUT I WANT A $#@% TRAILER!!!

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