View Poll Results: Do you want Hasbro to make more playsets for the action figures?

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  • Yes, I am willing to buy larger expensive playsets ($40 - 50 range)

    298 49.17%
  • Yes, but I would prefer small scene builder playsets that I can combine with others ($15 - 25 range)

    212 34.98%
  • No, I'm not interested in playsets because I keep figures carded

    40 6.60%
  • No, I'm just not interested in playsets

    56 9.24%
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    Do you want Hasbro to make more playsets for the action figures?

    Hasbro's Playsets for action figures since 1995:

    Mos Eisley Cardboard Cantina
    Wal*Mart's Deluxe Cantina Creature Sets
    Death Star Detention Cell Rescue
    Death Star Escape (bridge swing to freedom)
    Death Star Trash compactor Saga Screen-Scenes
    Luke Bacta Tank, really a Deluxe Figure
    Hoth Generator, trench, and Turret
    Cloud City Carbon Freezing Chamber
    Jabba the Hutt's Carboard Palace
    Endor Shield Bunker door
    Trade Federation Ship / R2 carry-case
    Theed Hanger Playset
    Theed Palace Reactor Control
    Geonosis Execution Arena Playset

    ...and perhaps I forgot some. I didn't count things that were big but still could be picked up for flying.

    So do you want more?

    Of the same type?

    Of the same quality?

    Maybe more like (this one) and not like (that one)?

    Which new kinds of playsets would you like?

    What did you buy from what was offered? What did you do with it? (store it, set it up with figures? Use it to keep warm with during winter?)

    What didn't you buy? Why not? Would purchasing those, watching paint peel, or buying lottery tickets be more worth your time? Why?

    Let's have another SirStevesGuide fans' roundtable - on the Hasbro playsets!
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    Well, we have the rumored Emperor's Throne Room playset on the lists for next year. Hope it happens, and is about the same size and pricerange as the Arena Playset.

    I went with the large playset opinion, but I would like to see large playsets, with smaller playsets that could be added on. They could do somthing like Jargo planned out in the Dear Hasbro section for the Jedi Temple.

    They could do others that way, with one big main section and smaller cheaper sections that add on. Would be easy for environments like the Cantina, Death Star, Cloud City, Jabba's Palace, Death Star II Throne Room, etc. It would be a pretty cool idea. And each peice could come with an exclusive figure.

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    I wouldn't spend more than $30 on a playset. Keep them small.

    There are several threads in the Dear Hasbro section about playsets. We've discussed Jabba's Palace, the rest of Mos Eisley Cantina, the Death Star, Bespin, and Star Destroyer playsets in various threads.
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    I enjoy the playsets when they're done right. Making them bigger is a step in the right direction but I would like them to be a bit more film accurate. I know this isn't always possible but sometimes it's the little things that matter, such as having bar stools with the Cantina packs when there where none in the film or putting a gun turret in an area that shouldn't have one just for the sake of playability like the Carbon Freezing Chamber. If I'm to spend more of my hard earned $ (which I am willing to do) on bigger playsets these sort of things have to be addressed for me to be happy.

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    Iwould buy a new large Death Star Playset if they decided to come out with one. The Arena has made a great attempt at doing this. The Death Star IMO is still the greatest playset EVER!
    Of Course if we could add smaller sets to this one (a PRIMARY SET) then this would be even better! When I was a child -- cardboard boxes could do many things. My Imagination could go wild -- but I would rather someone else's imagination work overtime so I could enjoy the benifit now. I am getting old and I do not have as much time to build playsets.

    I am still looking forward to a new "Death Star"
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    I've always liked the way Kenner did the Micro-Collection Playsets that I'd attached to this thread , and with some refinement, I'd like them made for the 3 3/4" figures.

    I voted for the small, but interacting (attaching) playsets, myself.

    I had things like these old playsets for our 3 3/4" figures in mind.

    Referring to the picture, the Death Star is the best one! It is near perfect. However, there needs to be more: a landing bay border for the Falcon on the outside of the blast doors (bottom next to the trash compactor). The compactor itself should be designed to perfectly house the latest Walmart Saga Screen-Scene sets. The spaces between the halls and the elevator tube needs to be larger, for a better rope swing - and in fact, I'd make an extra hallway piece, so you could make that larger, and push the turbolift back. Finally, the thing should be connectable so you can make at least a 2 dimensional, circular Death Star with multiple sets. Oh - and these pieces are too big for individual sales. I think that when Hasbro did the Detention Cell rescue, they might've been going for sets that come together like this. They should go that route. Maybe add an army builder with each pack - just nothing valuable or exclusive (generic officers, stormtroopers, Death Star Troopers, etc.)

    The Emperor's Throne Room should also attach, as maybe could trench sections, with turret towers with Death Star Gunners. Oh - and imagine how many Mouse Droids you could put in your biggest dream playset?!

    Last but not least, the smaller sections could be bought and kept in continuous stock at retailers. At some point, older sets could be available from those retailers online, or online through the Fan Club. I myself would buy 1 of each section and see how it's looking, and then would later start to buy duplicates to fashion a "whole Death Star" if you will.


    Cloud City is ten times better than the silly Carbon Freezing Playset they made before. The freezing platform room is so large, it ought to be sold in 4 sections - each with a stormtrooper or Bespin Guard (variations on the ethnicity please) and so forth. A new Han Solo freeze-able, unfreezable should come separately with the centerpiece claws and "freezing mechanism" done similarly to how they did the 2001 playset (that part was good - it was the small size that sucked). A landing platform set, large enough for the Falcon would be a nice touch (obviously if you could connect more than one, Slave-One could fit).

    I totally do not like the Micro-Collection's break-away control room window. That is such a cool feature to be wasted on a gantry - as I would not call that section a ROOM. The 'room aspect' of it needs to be redone, and a dining room, guest quarters, prison cell, and torture room, and several elevators should be done. We should have the white Cloud City sections and the grey Port Town underlevel sections - possibly even shoots with a weathervane, and circular edges to the sets to lend itself to a faximily of Cloud City's exterior shape. But this is the way to go. Keep the sections sold small, affordable, with figures everyone wants multiples of, and then let them combine to make something that'll require its own table top.

    People please do keep size in mind with your discussions. It's nice if these sections are all $15 - $25 each, and released a few at a time, but when the contstruct is 4 cubic feet in all directions, are you personally going to want it set up? I say yes - and no matter how many sets they do.

    Now what about you? OK - the Death Star's your favorite, but have you room for Cloud City if it was as nice, too?


    Hoth could be more. I don't have a shot of the backside, but I think under the Ion Cannon playset, there's a good Echo Base Control room and even a Bacta Tank / Med-lab if memory serves.
    It needs a flight hanger with doors for at least a Snowspeeder (let's not get carried away with the Falcon, now - but it's a thought). The two cannons set is nice, but it needs a trench. I'd almost like that seperate from the cannons, because then you could make the Trench as long as you want, without having an excessive amount of cannons. Each section could come with a Rebel Trooper, Snowtrooper, Astromech repaint, Gonk repaint, even a TaunTaun or the Wampa. I'd build the Echo Base Mountain higher, myself, but I'd find a way to separate that huge Ion Cannon section up, or it'd have to be an extra, larger and more pricier set than the others. But I'd like to see Hoth.


    I'd also like Mos Eisley, and the bar fully realized with the existing Cantina sets - but combinable with the rest of the town.

    I'd like the Lars Moisture farm. Droids, Tuskens, and Jawas can be the pack-ins, versus not carding a good Owen, and re-releasing Beru. Likewise for their E2 versions, Cliegg and Padme - though for the farm, that might be ok - making them incentive pieces.

    The Tantive IV is something I'm cautious of - I'd like the exterior to make a real vehicle. I would NOT go to full scale with this thing. Michael Fright's semi-truck requirement to move his ship is "frightening."

    Yavin Base would be cool. Dagobah, much larger than Kenner's. A Mon Calamari Cruiser might at long last be possible. As would a full shield generator playset.

    The Ewok Village done earlier was great. Make it connect to another one, and people can make their sets as large as they like.

    Jabba's Palace must be done perfectly, and with great care!
    The sailbarge might be able to fly in the modular style. What do you think?

    Theed Palace in its entirety (with hanger and generator room) would be fine.

    The Trade Federation Core ship could be done now.

    Add-ons to the Geonosian Arena should continue - like a conference room

    A Galactic Senate must be made!

    Otah Gunga would be really interesting! And Kamino would be stunning!

    When you look at Lego's products, or Playmobile's, and even Kenner's Star Wars Micro-Collection's, you see what potential is out there. I think it could seriously extend the stimulous for a line that's had a great year and is finally continuing and/or expanding its appeal with the success of Episode 2!
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    The only way i could see hasbro doing the death star is to do a floor each year. Each floor would have a couple of areas in it with decent detail and accessories. Each floor would stack on top of the last until finally you have a tower of death star. I've been putting serious thought and attention to coming up with a solution for the death stat that meets the funky needs of toymakers who think kids want extraneous missiles and gun turrets everywhere, collectors who want accuracy and safety regulations and materials restrictions. I tried every which way to make a semi globular or hemispherical design but none would suffice being too large and too expensive. getting the different areas to jigsaw together is a nightmare when you factor in functionality and materials strengths and weknesses and stress levels under continual use. To achieve a whole playset of the death star would either be seriously compromised and several key areas missed out or full of all we want and too massive for production to be viable. making yearly trips to the death star in chunky segments would allow for more areas to be covered and with the stackability it would make the structure stronger and safer than if it were round. Making the toppermost sections progressively smaller so you get a rounded impression might help aesthetically. So the verty top is a gunnery outpost and the level below is also a single environment like the throne room. below that two areas, below that three. The sides could be sort of shaped to curve and add to the round. The bottom layer could be the largest environment - the docking bay or the chasm with the tractor beam controls and the rope swing between bridge doorways. So I'm saying that i vote for sectional playsets building up to a larger environment but split over a period of time in waves. The more environments the better as long as they don't have stupid non movie missiles and laser cannon stuck all over the place and they don't have stupid jedi flipping devices like that awful theed generator complex had. Detail over devices should be the motto here.

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    I don't think Hasbro has the talent to make good playsets. They had a few successes with the GI Joe line back then, but a LOT of failures there too - that was just luck of the draw, you put out 20 playsets, 1 is bound to not suck. Kenner knew how to make good, compact playsets that didn't rely on STUPID pointless missile launchers and junk -- the huge missile launchers on the Death Star Escape (like that name hasn't been used enough; the chasm playset) and the Carbon Freeze Chamber are cruddy 12" GI Joe accessories, overused ones at that! I don't have faith that Hasbro could ever put a really good playset out...

    However, despite that I voted for the modular playsets in the hope that some day, in some part of the galaxy, Hasbro will finally figure out how to put out a good playset and do it this way.
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    I've always campaigned for larger playsets that actually look like more than 4 plain ol' boring walls. Thanks to Rogue II for finding links to many of those past threads. Without a doubt, a large "multi-wedged" Death Star would sell infinitely better than any modular concoction. Kid's like to shoot guns for sure, but only when they're attached to something that they recognize from the movie.


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