View Poll Results: Do you want Hasbro to make more playsets for the action figures?

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  • Yes, I am willing to buy larger expensive playsets ($40 - 50 range)

    298 49.17%
  • Yes, but I would prefer small scene builder playsets that I can combine with others ($15 - 25 range)

    212 34.98%
  • No, I'm not interested in playsets because I keep figures carded

    40 6.60%
  • No, I'm just not interested in playsets

    56 9.24%
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    I voted no because I find playsets are not realistic and accurate. I understand that playsets are for fun, but if anything, I prefer accurate dioramas that are to scale. I don't mind pieces that come separate and can be put together, like the trash compactor, because they look so realistic. On the other hand, it would be impossible and unreasonable to manufacture a realistic size Geonosis Arena, right?
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    Why not buy 3 of the current arena playsets and put them together?

    It could run you $120, but with clearance prices, you might pull it off for as little as $36 if you wanted to run to a lot of Targets and Wal*Marts, or their websites offer those discounts.

    The arena is a great playset, with only minor draw-backs to the realism, one being the seating. I chose not to add the off-scale stickers of Geonosians, though I do realize that I can hardly put enough figures hanging from the current sets, to recreate the movie accurately.
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    If they include an exclusive figure

    Can't give a blanket answer.

    If the sets smaller, more likely.

    If several small ones combine, that's cool and could be an incentive.

    But really, it's gotta have an exclusive figure that I want.

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    The world of Star Wars is vast for playset ideas. IF it is a good piece and worth a hefty price tag, then hey count me in, i.e. the new shuttle from FAO. I know this is a ship and all but it is so big and costs so much. Do any of the die hard collectors care? I know I don't!
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    Combiner pieces are all the rage now, and I am loving every minute of it. The Cantina bar sets are worth getting even if you need to get crappy redone over and over again figures to do so. Bring on cloud city or Hoth trenches. Jabba's dungeons would be a definate plus. Display or play, count me in!
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    I voted for the smaller sets that you can put together with the thought that Hasbro may put a tad more care and detail into them if they made them piece by piece. This way, they might avoid using cardboard backgrounds and stickers like the geonosian audience ones in the arena playset. ( I opted to not apply those stickers to mine to keep the thing looking like it has more realistic proportions ).


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    Re: If they include an exclusive figure

    Originally posted by jeffonthego
    Can't give a blanket answer.

    If the sets smaller, more likely.

    If several small ones combine, that's cool and could be an incentive.

    But really, it's gotta have an exclusive figure that I want.
    I totally agree with jeffonthego. Hasbro has a wonderful track record of making a figure, then making a vehicle, and none of the figures fit in the vehicle. So having a figure that comes with vehicles is the best way to go.

    Also, there are so many wonderful background creatures and characters that will likely never get made, but they would be perfect with some playsets.

    I also will say I prefer smaller playsets that connect together, just because I don't have room to display a huge playset. While it's great for playing with, where do you put it when your done playing?

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    losing perspective

    "shouldn't have one just for the sake of playability like the Carbon Freezing Chamber"

    well, as i understand it, playability relates directly to the idea that these are PLAYsets, not DISPLAYsets. i mean, the carbon freezing chamber scene in the film is high in drama, but relatively low on action. adding a cannon may not be accurate, but it gives a kid something to do with the toy rather than recreate 1 scene once and then discard the toy their PARENTS paid hard earned money for in the corner.

    i voted no because playsets are not dioramas, and as a person who doesn't exactly PLAY with toys anymore, a playset is really not something i need. some quality display dioramas would be fine, albeit not really within the scope of a toy company to manufacture necessarily. frankly, after the disappointment of the naboo playsets that i bought hoping to create a useful display, only to find they were unstable and incomplete, i'd say if they aren't something kids are clamoring for, then leave them alone.

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    Zeroplate makes some really good and very true points. To use his terms - and they are correct - I do not play with my toys either, and I want DISPLAY sets, versus little activity centers. However, I'd take what he said, and correct the products so those points do not still ring true.


    The carbon freezing set is a good example. It should do only what you saw it do in the movie. That being said, there is room for electronic lights and sound effects, and even action levers to recreate part of the lightsaber duel - so long as they're so well disguised, that it does not interfere with the accurate DISPLAY function of the set. The obvious play feature that needs to be there regardless, is the ability to lower a poseable action figure of Han Solo into a pit, turn something, and draw out a frozen carbon block that's clearly Han Solo. In the best case scenerio, it would be a 2nd fully poseable figure of Han, in a 3-layer carbonite piece, that can use a de-freezing effect too.

    They can even re-sell that piece to all of us twice with a nice Jabba Palace Setup.

    While I don't think I'd sit there and make the characters talk to each other like I did when I was a kid: "Hey Chewie, how's the weather today? I can't see out of this thing!" I would certainly play with the features and marvel at how well really sharp toy designers could pull this thing off. What I'd really like is some sound effects and the ability to play maybe 2 full minutes of Darth Vader's theme by John Williams on my playset, with lights that stayed on until I turned them off. Even better, remote controled playsets that click on the lights and music from a TV -type remote.

    The Queen's Royal Starship used that kind of technology already - just not as elaborately.

    Finally, ArtAsylum is making great pieces that connect together to make the bridge of the experimental Enterprise with their Deluxe sets. Even if you casually like Star Trek, these are great sets and will come together to make a fine playset. (Depending on sales, they will go beyond the 4 sets planned now, and do the walls, the turbolift, viewscreen, etc!) There is a prime example of how playsets should be done. - and like Star Wars ones are NOT going to sell???? huh!
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    I wish they would come with like a 6-foot Death Star Trench that was to scale to the Micro Collection. Even Micro Machines scale would be cool.

    I thought years ago Steve Sansweet mentioned that there was a "death star" in the works - not like the ones already released - but a big round ball that opens up. Been several years since I heard about it though.


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