View Poll Results: Which Playset would you want the most?

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  • The Death Star

    624 47.09%
  • Yoda's home, the tree cave, on Dagobah

    153 11.55%
  • The Imperial Base on Endor

    403 30.42%
  • Theed Palace on Naboo

    58 4.38%
  • Tipocca City on Kamino

    87 6.57%
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    Which Playset would you want the most?

    To follow up on last week's poll asking how much interest there was in playsets, big and small, this week we're asking what settings do you have in mind for another playset?

    The Death Star describes everything you'd need in both the Death Star I and the Death Star II - basically yes, it could have an Emperor's Throne Room. Trash compactors, light bridge, turret cannons, control room, detention cell block, conference room, tractor beam control station, and turbolifts are a given. Maybe an off-scale trench and exhaust port could be added. While it's silly to assume this playset won't win this poll easily and outright, let's see what else we might want, and what is "second to most popular," too.

    The Endor Shield Generator would include a generator dish, a landing platform that supports the shuttle and has an access path to the AT-AT, perhaps an "Expanded Universe" main complex set up, the reactor room seen in the film, and the secret rear bunker door. This poll was going to let you vote for a re-release of the Ewok Village from vintage days, but I opted for something that might be more popular. Speak up with a reply post in the thread below if you want to see the Ewok Village again. I do. It was perfect back then, and it's all we'd need now - save for more Ewoks. Hasbro is just cautious about the little furball stuff and their accessories because they think we hate them since those who do, tend to be the loudest bandwagon of any complainers regarding the Classic Trilogy. But your vote here is for the Imperial Base on Endor.

    Theed Palace could be like the MicroMachine's playset that I have in the attached picture. It could be sold in sections or all inclusive. I'd prefer it gave us a new flight hanger and a more extensive reactor core. Of course there'd be a throne room and a blast-through window on an upper-level you get to with ascension guns.

    Tipocca City, Kamino refers to everything the Kaminoans had where Obi-Wan landed: clone incubators, computer education interfaces, combat training grounds, equipment carriges like where the Clone Troopers got their helmets from, Jango Fett's apartment, Lama Su's conference room, and landing platforms with interior access doors that the Jedi Starfighter and Slave-One can land on, and perhaps with those little service ships that floated around the incubation labs.

    Dagobah is self-explanatory, and would include ways to re-create what you saw in the movie. However, a swamp that can "envelope" (raise and lower at least one size of our X-wing fighter toys) and a tree-cave that is separate from Yoda's house might take this idea well beyond the vintage playset - though a swamp part that swallows R2 (or a monster in the swamp) is a must!

    Vote for your first choice, or if you think it will make a difference in this poll, vote for your second choice instead - but you only get one vote. Then let's discuss this.
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    Go Death Star!! Preferably a location inside the death star that doesn't require excessive troop building, like the emperor's throne room, or maybe the Tarkin's meeting room would be cool too. A docking bay would be nice for any Falcon's or the shuttle.
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    Once again I voted for something other than my first choice,(the Death Star), as Im sure it won't have a difficult time seeing it to production anyway. On the other hand, It will take the voice of as many fans as possible to get the Theed Palace, or Endor Bunker!

    Yes, Yes, Yes, Why wouldn't I want a re-released Ewok Village! I would only ask that they make "a few modifications" to make it worth it for the fans that have the original.

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    I Want Them all. It's bad enough that Hasbro has not listened to it's fans in the past about playsets but now, with five movies to play with and dozens of possibilites to choose from Hasbro should start the process of listening to us.
    Problems in the past.
    1.) Playsets to big and way to expensive ie Royal Starship.
    2.) No exclusive figures
    3.) Cheesy Cardboard Cutouts.
    4.) Playsets Do Not Connect.

    The fans are the buyers, not the major chain stores or the greedy collector at the local comic shop, ie the guy from the simpsons, so you would think that Hasbro would value the opinions of it's fans and make the playsets small simple and interlocking. The Genosis Battle arena was a great idea to start with but it could have been done alot diffently then just one set.
    Hasbro read this thread. If for nothing else then to save stores and the countless number of fans everywhere. DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKES TWICE.
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    The Death Star is the best choice. Endor would be too big and expensive the way you described it. I would get Dagobah if it was ever released. I would have also voted for Jabba's Palace, Echo base, or a full cantina.
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    Why not a Sarlacc Pit playset?? It could be elevated with the sarlacc in the middle and plastic sand surrounding if, with a place to put the skiff over top and bendable plastic tentacles. I guess it would be more of a diorama than a playset, but would be cool none the less. I'd gladly settle for this small request, because the chances of getting a Jabba's Sail Barge playset seems slim.

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    I, of course, voted for the Death Star. I would hope that it would have the area where luke and leia swung across, a place for the millenium falcon, and a "duel" spot where vader and obi-wan fought, as well as the place where R2 and 3PO were in ANH.
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    I voted for Dagobah because Hasbro has made attempts at the Death Star, Theed, and Endor. Kamino would be a lame playset. On the other hand Dagobah would be a new and exiting ground for Hasbro to break and ruin.
    I'd like to see of them done and would buy them. But I don't have high hopes for any new playsets by Hasbro.
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    Talking Death Star in multiple SMALLER playsets

    I vote Death Star all the way...

    ... but I also support the idea Ive seen put forth on these boards that it should come via SMALLER playsets that gradually connect into a MAMMOTH playset... maybe not fully completed until after several years!!

    Hasbro has already started this approach with the factory assemby line included with the arena and padme and 3PO figures.... great idea.... I would love to see it applied to playsets in the future

    theyd be more affordable... and it would increase the fun of collecting... and would spur purchases of other stuff you might not otehrwise want

    "Got to have next piece of playset!!!"

    and on a related note.... if hasbro were to do this, I would love to see them retro fit the various playset sections to make room for the earlier Death Star playsets... both the POTF2 cellbay escape and maybe even the old vintage death star!!

    ah well....

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    I posted that idea for the Sarlaac Pit a while back. I thought it should have an arm that holds the skiff in the air and the Sarlaac monster should be made into a glove similar to the monster from the Masters of the Universe Fright Zone playset. I'm glad more people would be interested in a Sarlaac Pit playset.


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