View Poll Results: In retrospect, how do you think 2002 went for Star Wars collecting?

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  • It was one of the best years ever!

    104 15.88%
  • 2002 was a vast improvement for product selection and / or distribution.

    231 35.27%
  • It was OK, but the products offered really didn't excite me.

    99 15.11%
  • It was OK, but distribution continued to be a problem for me.

    154 23.51%
  • I was very disappointed with the product mix and / or distribution Hasbro offered.

    67 10.23%
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    In retrospect, how do you think 2002 went for Star Wars collecting?

    This thread's kind of an annual thing. Last year it was about the Power of the Jedi collection. This year we saw that end - with some exclusive and cool new ships like the TIE Bomber and figures like Teebo, R4-M9 *with a Mouse Droid, and Bo Shek.

    Then we got everything that exists for Episode 2! Sneak Preview figures to the coolest darn vehicles like Jango's Slave One and the Republic Gunship! (actually we got like 9 - 10 vehicles!) For the first time in a long time, we got a huge hulking playset! - actually the biggest playset the line has ever gotten since Hasbro took over - The Geonosis Execution Arena!

    And we got those *cough* deluxe figures, as well as Dexter Jettster and Ephont Mon, plus Mail-Away 12" Jedi Masters and the Ultimate 12" Jango Fett.

    I've been busy reviewing all of this for our 5th annual SSG staff wrap-up you'll be seeing shortly, and my final thoughts I'll post there.

    So how did you like Star Wars in 2002?
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    All in all, I really happy with collecting in 2002. There has been a really good selection of toys put out by Hasbro this year and I haven't had much trouble finding anything. I also really appreciated the price break. If the figures had stayed at $6 or more each I think I would have quit collecting.

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    This year was OK~~ I believe we could sum this year up as "The Year of the Gimmick" Hasbro really outdid themselves on "force-effects, quick draw action, spin kick action, and the like" I hope if Hasbro learned anything from this past year is that we don't like all of the added CRAP! -- I believe everyone wish for next year is to just produce a quality, movable, accurate figure. PERIOD!

    The SHIPS this year were OUTSTANDING!! Thanks for the GUNSHIP and the redone X-WING FIGHTER!!

    Thanks also for the new PLAYSET -- WOW!

    Lets hope this next year is even better...
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    It was ok for me, but some stuff took a long time to get. I still have yet to find the Acklay. The TIE bomber I had to order online, along with the Bo-Shek series. The recently released Clone Pilot, Yoda Jedi Council and Destroyer Droid, I just found while on vacation in Minnesota (I live in Illinois). Ephant Mon has been hard to find as well down here.

    Some of the easier things to find have been the newer Jedi Lightsabers and as far as figures go, I'm tired of seeing the Padme Pilot, Jango Pilot and Han Solo Endor Raid on the shelves.

    The other ships - Luke's X-Wing, Luke's Landspeeder, Republic Gunship and Geonosis Arena were around briefly down here. The Arena and Gunship still turn up but the Landspeeder and Xwing came and went. Actually, the X-Wing I had to order as well.

    I'm still looking for the deluxe Geonosian Warrior with Hive and the Clone Trooper with Speeder Bike. Probably have to order those as well...
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    I chose "It was OK, but the products offered really didn't excite me" because I don't collect prequel toys.

    2002 Pro & Con list:

    - Better Distribution --I noticed they started repacking Yoda and Dooku in more recent cases
    - Cost: Most figures were between $3-5, not to mention clearace sales (WOTC had figures for $.99, and KB's 4 packs were $10)
    - Army Builders: Stormtrooper 4-pack (and with the prices so low, you could build armys of Royal Guards, Endor Troopers, etc.)
    - The concept of Accessory Packs and Cantina Bar Sets
    - Ephant Mon and R3-T7 ('nuf said)
    - Cool accessores: i.e. Bespin Luke/Vader
    - Metal Hilts

    - Action Features: do I need to explain?
    - Weapons were too "bendy"
    - Quality Control (I won't get into the paint errors): Some figures had loose Endor troop's arm fell off while I was taking it out of the package.
    - How many Jango Fett's do we really need?

    - I want to knock the "Force effects" but they are removeable, so I won't (I used the effects from R3-T7 on R2 to re-enact his capture by the Jawas AND I also used them on Luke to re-create his discovery of the Emperor's Force Lightining)

    The pros definalely outweigh the cons.
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    I've enjoyed what has come out this year, but it's been SO hard to find. They really need to work on distribution. And NO MORE LUKE, LEIA, HAN, or BEN figures, please -- we have ENOUGH of them already, for crying out loud.

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    2002, what a year, we laughed, we sang, we cried...mostly we cried.

    "The year of the gimmick" or "The year of "Experimenting" with new ideas"?!?!

    Some ideas were good, unfortunatly, most ideas were bad.

    First of all, let me say that I hate gimmicks that muck up a good figure; buttons, wheels or anything else that protrudes from my figure is unacceptable to me. I also hate action features.

    Hasbro's best figures this years were all gimmick free. Highlights include:

    Royal Guard (THANK YOU!!!)
    Ephant Mon (HUGE!!!)
    Clonetrooper (Preview, Red and Pilot)
    Lott Dodd (IT'S ABOUT TIME...I mean that with LOVE )
    Watto (the clear stand wasn't really a new idea...Senate Cam EP1 )

    Low points include:

    Padme' Amidala-Croft arm-poping Arena Escape
    Unleased Amidominatrix
    Vader "Luke-I-have-a-button-stickin'-out-of-my-back"
    Luke "NOooooo, that's impossible-so-do-I"

    The Saga line has managed to do what POTF2, SOTE, Expanded Universe and EP1 could not...

    brake me of my completist ways.

    It wasn't really all that bad, we saw some great new/re-issued stuff. I finally got my AT-ST and Dagobah Swamp X-Wing (with removable R2-D2)...EXCELLENT! Even better I got a free Silver R2-D2 when I bought my X-Wing .

    Most figures were easy to find, and I feel confident that these later figures, Ephant Mon, Yoda (#2), Destroyer Droid, etc. will show-up soon.
    May the force be with you.

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    It was marginal

    Everything came and went so fast. No excitement left at all. Lots of product, easy to get to everything and high prices. The quality was by far the best Hasbro has done to date except for the gimmicks that some of the figures had. 2003 WILL be better because all the EP 2 stuff will be going on clearance and deals will be plentiful. I'll be getting most of my stuff in 2003. I didn't get very much this year. I think I spent under $300!
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    Overall, I thought it was a good year. The exclusives were plentiful in my area. I got all the figures I wanted in a timely fashion.

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    It was definately a good year. I was able to find 90% of the stuff I wanted in the stores than having to buy online. We were givin awesome vehicles like the Republic Gunship and Saga ESB X-Wing. Of all it was a good year. Alot better than 1998 when Episode 1 was out.


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