Hasbro's Playsets for action figures since 1995:

Mos Eisley Cardboard Cantina
Wal*Mart's Deluxe Cantina Creature Sets
Death Star Detention Cell Rescue
Death Star Escape (bridge swing to freedom)
Death Star Trash compactor Saga Screen-Scenes
Luke Bacta Tank, really a Deluxe Figure
Hoth Generator, trench, and Turret
Cloud City Carbon Freezing Chamber
Jabba the Hutt's Carboard Palace
Endor Shield Bunker door
Trade Federation Ship / R2 carry-case
Theed Hanger Playset
Theed Palace Reactor Control
Geonosis Execution Arena Playset

...and perhaps I forgot some. I didn't count things that were big but still could be picked up for flying.

So do you want more?

Of the same type?

Of the same quality?

Maybe more like (this one) and not like (that one)?

Which new kinds of playsets would you like?

What did you buy from what was offered? What did you do with it? (store it, set it up with figures? Use it to keep warm with during winter?)

What didn't you buy? Why not? Would purchasing those, watching paint peel, or buying lottery tickets be more worth your time? Why?

Let's have another SirStevesGuide fans' roundtable - on the Hasbro playsets!