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    Lookin' through boxes, and found some more cool stuff.

    When I'm home on vacation, I get bored, and when I get bored, I start diggin' around n the storage room....

    Anyway, I found a buncha cool unreleased items.

    Let's start with Series Three Episode I Die-Cast Micro Machines.

    Retractable landing gear, and pop-up R2...
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    Opening cargo doors with the smallest of MTT's, and rotating gun turrets....

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    Opening cockpit, tail spins when rolled across "smooth surface."

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    Side intakes and braking prongs open when switch on engines is moved back...

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    My fav! It's got some heft to it. Plus, I still have a soft spot for this vehicle...

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    Nice die-cast pics. Your a lucky guy having all those protos! Do you have any more micro machine sized prototypes that were not released?


    Darth Carlos

    "Think Big, play small".....MICROMACHINES

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    That's all for now..

    I'm hoping you guys and girls like these pics.

    Perhaps more later.


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