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    I have the a Yoda with orange snake from my youth, I recently bought a large set that came with a vintage Yoda with brown snake. I noticed that his skin color is much dark (greener) than mine. Is this normal with the brown snake Yoda?

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    I rememebr when I got mine my snake was orange. I have since lost the snake and cane. Sorry I can't be of more help to you than that.

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    " ESB and ROTJ Yoda (photo variations): Not only did the photo get changed, but the name did as well going from "Yoda" to "Yoda (The Jedi Master)". The latter photo was used on Tri-logo and POTF packaging as well. Plus, the figure changed as well. Yoda's skin got darker and his orange snake was replaced by a more life-like brown one (though to this day I don't know why they ever chose to include one in the first place), and his cane went from light to dark brown. Five variation all in one shot. A stickler might note one more variation by including the difference in the bubbles. "

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    Thanks TIE Pilot, the Photo was great the same two I have (not careded). Make sense, the darker one I bought from a guy with a collection of all ROTJ stuff.

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    Hold onto both of your Yodas, Try and find a price catalog, one of them has a little more value than the other. Especially on Ebay
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