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    12" Leia as Boushh w/ Han in Carbonite Block

    This was delivered by UPS just tonight. This is the first time I have oredered anything from Amok Time, and 'am generally pleased with the packaging of the product, but the figure box had a big ding in the front upper right corner. Overall I'd rate it a C7, but no matter since I open my figures anyway.

    Unpacking was easy with very few twisties, and are loose enough to fit a scissor blade to cut 'em.

    With the figures (OK figure & block) out of the box I went to compare the new Boushh with the KB 3pk Boushh. The differences I see are:

    1) The helmet looks like a repaint from the previous and is a lighter brown. Other than that it's the same.

    2)The clothing (upper body) on the new Boushh is lighter as well. t kinda reminds me of the Poncho Luke has fron the KB 3pk, but doesn't look cheesy. The arms are painted a little darker on the new Boushh, and the back pack is also different. On the new Boushh it has a clasp in the front, and 1 1/2 canisters in the back instead of 2 like the old Boushh.

    3) Lower body. The pants on the new Boushh are more grey along with the boots which IMO loks alot better than the brown pants & tan boots that came on the old one.

    4) Underneath the helmet. I have to say that the smile on the new Boushh kinda threw me off until I took off the old Boushh helmet. The old one looks butt ugly compared to the new Boushh, and I'm very happy that I now have one I can display without the helmet. The hair on the new one is alot lighter, more redish, than the prevoius black haired one, and the braid looks better too. There was a problem with the hair on my new figure though. Some of the hair had been glued to the sides of her head going down to her neck line. When I took the helmet off it reminded me of Elvis. his hair was friggin GLUED on there and I thought for sure I was going to have to live with it this way. I found some GOO-GONE though, dabbed a Qtip in it and put a good amount on the hair trying ti avoid her face. After sitting for about half an hour it came up with no damage to her. Hopefully this was isolated or maybe it's a first production run, but if anyone else gets one like this hopefully you can return it ( you have to open the box and take off her helmet in order to see if she has the "sideburns" or not) or you can do what I did. Whatever you do, DO NOT try to peel the hair off. There is no doubt in my mind that if I had done that the paint would have come up too. Like I said though hopefully it's just my fig or worst case just a few.

    5) The body. Not sure what body either of these use, but the body on the old Boushh feels heavier, and seems to bend different. OK now that I'm lookin at the necks it does look like the new Boushh is a different body. The old one has a neck like a linebacker.
    Now to the Carbonite Block. I love this thing. It has for little lights behind the front panel that can stay on for either 6 seconds (it comes out of the box this way) or 47 seconds via a switch on the back. For some reason I had in my mind that this was supposed to make noise when the light up function was activated, but it doesn't, and even though I was a little disappointed what it does do makes it one of the coolest pieces to come with a figure.

    Overall I'm very pleased with this, and like my others, has become a great addition to my collection.

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    Mini-Rock how is the articulation on Boussh?Standard 12"?Also,is the carbonite block light rather bright or dull and looks like it will die at any second?
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    Originally posted by InsaneJediGirl
    Mini-Rock how is the articulation on Boussh?

    Good IMO. At first I thought it was the same as the Portrait Collection Leia, but it seems there is just a slight difference around the sides of the face (I think). The smile on the doll makes it look pretty, and even though it wasn't that way in the movie, I'm glad it wasn't just another boring face. I went ahead and took a good look up close, and to me it's flawless.

    Originally posted by InsaneJediGirl
    Also,is the carbonite block light rather bright or dull and looks like it will die at any second?
    The light is a little on the dull side, but not like dying flashlight dull. It's almost like a candle light effect. The overall effect is a little orange instead of red also, but it does look very cool.

    Hope this helped.

    BTW, I like the new 'tar.

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    Thanks for answering my questions Mini-RockGlad you like my new avatar too. I'll have to pick one up in the near future.Its quite amazing that this 12" doesnt have the "bobblehead" look as well.

    As for the light,I expeceted it to be dull,if my memory serves me correctly,it was a orange-ish in ROTJ.
    Treat your stepmother with respect Pantera, or you'll be sleeping in the streets!!

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    No problem, glad I could help.


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