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    Unhappy Hasbro, more authenticity please!

    First, the 12" Zuckuss was a dissapointment being too skinny and with a human body (unlike earlier 12"alien releases where Hasbro would mould an inner garment to maintain the mystery of the alien character like Yoda and Jawa for example).

    Second, the new Imperial Shuttle's paintwork/weathering is inaccurate making the whole ship being too dark especially the "neck" and the bottom section of the cockpit area. The weathering should be done like what it was being done for the POTF AT-AT walker several years ago. My friends and I agreed that the piece looks more like hasty work to rush production deadline.

    Furthermore, the old ship had 9 screws all over the ship wherelse the new one has 29! Why? Since only minor resculpting was done to round off the edges of the wings/fins and the extra screws only spoils the surfaces of the ship. The back 'panel' can still be opened as it used to house the battery compartment for the vintage ship which is now just a flat surface. The panel that opens up to reveal the cargo area slips off too easily wherelse the vintage snaps tight. Hasbro didn't even bothered to change the description on the bottom of the new ship that says, " 1984, Kenner Products, Cinn...." since Kenner is no longer around as well as the office in Cincinati being closed for quite some time! Why can't Hasbro maintain it's QC and spend more time on accuracy (or the effort to like during the POTF period) on paintwork and sculpting?

    Other toy companies are making an effort to improve their toys and packaging but Hasbro is taking the complacent road for their vehicles and 12" doll lines recently since they know that Star Wars collectors will splurge on their toys anyway inspite the lack of quality in sculpting, coloring and packaging their mechandise!

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    Earlier 12" Alien figures used the basic human body also, the only reason that Yoda and the Jawa didn't, was because the body was an all new sculpt. But Admiral Ackbar and Bib Fortuna used the same basic 12" body. The hump on Ackbar was even added with a small pillow peice under the costume.

    The weathering may be inaccurate, if your considering it as the Emperor's Shuttle. The Shuttle is weathered more like the shuttle that the rebels stole. It was weathered and dirtier then the Emperor's shuttle.

    From all the pictures we've seen, I have to say that the shuttle appears to be one of the best re-issued ships in sometime. The cockpit is finally tinted dark, and the paintjob is superior to the old one. Who cares if they left the original mold markings on the underside?

    Perhaps your expecting somthing more detailed then possible from a toy line. And that's what it is, a toy line. Not a prop replica company. You would be paying far more for the Shuttle and the 12" figures, if they were exacting scale replicas. Hasbro does a pretty good job, when having to deliver things at a certain price point, and fudging scale a bit to allow the ship to be possible in the toy arena, when retailer space is at a premium.

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    It's called the Shuttle Tyderium for a reason, that's why it looks like it needs to have a hose taken to it. Tyderium was the shuttle the Rebels stole to get onto Endor, the Emperors Shuttle varies in that it has a large grey stripe down the nose and is clean as a whistle.

    I don't doubt that if this vehicle sells well, Hasbro will rerelease a clean version with the grey stripe for the mass market. With their current practice of reissuing vehicles over and over again, I don't think it is too far-fetched.

    All Hasbro has to do is update that date-stamp info, give it a different paint job, rename it as "Emperor Palpatine's Shuttle", and pack in a couple of figures; then legally you have a whole new toy and FAO can't cry foul.
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    Yeah, I wish that they wouldn't have designed the box with a Death Star Scene in mind. But it looks perfect for the stolen Shuttle Tyderium.

    Hopefully your right about a possible future re-release thru a less insane retailer. Judging from how displeased Hasbro sounded with FAO after all the BS about the shuttle, hopefully they never give them another exclusive again.

    Just as long as the contract with FAO, isn't like the one with Target. I hate the fact that Hasbro can't reissue the Tatooine Skiff, B-Wing or any of the other exclusives unless it's thru Target again.

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