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    Transitional line: A little birdy told me

    Believe what you want from this, but my source who designs the packaging for the Star Wars line at Hasbro claims that the next packaging (transitional to EPIII) will be RUST colored.

    That's all I have for now.

    I am trying to get images or samples. But that seems to be as difficult as walking straight through the Black Gates of MOrdor.
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    Well since the greater part of episode two was seen through a filter of orange light so everything looked rust anyway I can think of no better color for the cards. With all the brown plastic they use for the figures it'll match beautifully. What a glory it is to behold a collection of brown star wars figures on a shelf display, like a sea of dog doodoo standing to attention. Rust will make the figures seem like so much effluence when viewed from across the store. Bad move IMO.

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    Why would Hasbro change the cards? The SAGA packaging is already generic, no EPII or "Attack of the Clones" on the cards. I say they have their transitional cards.

    And yes I am still bitter that Hasbro broke with tradition by not cranking out EPII cards!
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    I should add that since I haven't seen them either I'm just using a vivid imagination to come up with a vision of reddish brown cards with a golden logo and wotnot. It's a warm color and i actually do like russet or rust or raw siewnna or burnt umber or whatever you prefer to call the color, but i have grave misgivings about making the brand over with it. True there are those who dislike the blue but there are those who dislike any of the colors that's been used. No matter what hasbro do to the cards there will be detracters. I personally think that if they went for black and rust with the edges being rust and the center of the card being black that might help to convey some of the darness of the final segment of the saga. The rusty brown representing the old jedi order and the black representing the emergence of the dark side from within. Darker is better in my opinion but darker doesn't sell too well with kids necessarily. so combining the brighter edge with a center of darkness hits both the adult and kid market. The kids see the bright rusty color and know it's star wars, the adults catch the subtlety of the darkness spreading to the edges. Using a real gold foil effect on the logo would cap it off really well and the cards would gleam as you approached. Edge the gold in black also so it stands out even more. I know this is probably just nothing and the cards will probably end up looking really bad and wishy washy with not much of anything to them but if i was in charge I'd make damn sure the last cards were bloody dynamic. Special.

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    Rust color? Sounds like poodoo to me. I like the 2002 Saga cards, I LOVE the 2003 Saga cards, I see no need for a change when EIII comes around. Hasbro should just write a dinky little paragraph about the movie and slap it on the cards, and BAM instant EIII cards.
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    I agree with keeping the cards the way they are. Knowing Hasbleh, they'll change the cards and claim that it cost them so much, and blah blah blah and we'll be stuck with ugly cards and crappy figures!! Keep them like they are now, they're very lovely indeed.
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    Maybe they can finally put Vader's head back on the top left corner again.
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    I hate these generic Blue cards with a passion. EP2 should have had it's our card, then maybe this blue thing for the transition. The reasons why I dislike the blue card is #1 it's Blue, #2 it's generic (no photo of charactor), #3 huge bubble (Mon could have been a deluxe) #4 Hasbro has lost the OT feeling in the line. IMO, adults buy theses toys, kids don't. Hasbro is pis sing the OT fans off! Infact I'm kind of insulted with the packaging and some of the rehash crap that's coming, other than that I love the line Ok, that's my 2cent rant
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    I despise the new cards.....for two reasons.
    1. I store my figs in footlockers and I can only get half as many in as the previous ones because of the larger centered bubble.
    2. I wish they would go back to using the pictures like the vintage figures. I still have my vintage cards and I love seeing the characters in there original scenes from the movies. It's fun to try to find them in the movie in that scene....

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    I doubt they'd use a rust color, besides look at how the cards changed from the Toy Fair sneak preview POTJ design to the official POTJ design. They've been too fixated on brighter colors to go to a rust color or any rather dark color.
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