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Thread: Cowtown Baby!!!

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    Cowtown Baby!!!

    Hi all anyone in here from calgary im moving there from london soon wandered if anyone was out there

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    yeah, prairie oysters, mmm - yummy!

    what's bringing you to Canada? no offence to anyone but even as an avid snowboarder it would take a lot to get me to choose Calgary over London.
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    the way of life is better!!!! its way too stressful over here

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    what im trying to say is the standard of living is far are welcome to come and spend some time in london to see what i mean.......for example a average sized 3 bedroom house in london which you would think was tiny would cost around say 230,000 pounds thats like half a million dollars how do u think someone like me could afford to but a house like that, theres no way i would rent so...well yu get the jist of it, have you ever been to london?? its a fantastic city but i want somewhere better for my kids you know (when i finally have them) what other city in the world is there where most criminals carry guns but the police dont????

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    true, very true. all your reasons are very valid. I spent two weeks there, but the tourist perspective is totally different. I was (still am) a big fan of brit pop and tons of other things british, plus urban settings in general so I was like a kid in a candy store. all my memories have a silver lining that I'm sure would quickly disappear if I was to live there. my earlier comments certainly weren't meant to discourage you and after thinking about it with an unbiased opinion, you are definitely making the right choice.
    talent borrows, genius steals. - the designers republic

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    ive also got loads of family all over canada vancouver, calgary, toronto so it will be cool. most of my cousins about 5 are in the police in different forces around the country so hopefully ill do the same!....fingers crossed oh one thing i forgot to mention and how could i forget you have some damn fit (HOT) girls out there the accent just drives me nuts!!!!!


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