I did a review a while back on han and luke trash set. I personally like that set more than this one. I got the sets at the same time on dec.16. I had to wait and get the leia and chewy one for christmas though I havent had time to share what I thought till now. But here goes I have opened both sets and when combined I must say they look pretty cool. but if i had to judge wich set was better it would be luke and han. First off, leia is pretty detailed. the face looks good and her outfit is neat because she is wearing her typical white get up but there is a brown green grunge on it from being in trash its all over the bottom of her dress and on her stomache and hood of her shirt. She comes with the large steel pole which does come out of her hands and you can move her arms for posing. her legs do not move at all her head does move. Then chewy. he kinda dissapointed me. the face looks great. it looks just like him. But his legs dont move, his hips dont move, and his head dosnt move. he is stuck in a position looking to the side and thats the only place hes ever gonna look. His left hand is flat, hes pushing against the compactor and his right hand is open a little. you may be able to fit a weapon in but i dont know. His arms do move up and down but when all is said about this figure it is just a brown fuzzy lookin piece of imovable brown plastic The luke an han set was just neater. it moved better, it was realistic, the faces the outfits, they had blasters, and the scene was just neater with the tentacle around lukes throat. I would get both sets they are cool to display. but I give the han and luke set a 9 out of 10 and I give leia and chewy a 7 out of 10. I hope evryone cna find em. I got em dec. 16 and I have never seen them again good luck and thanks for readin