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    Accessory Set: Yavin Hanger w/ Rebel Technician

    Rebelscum is the first to get a picture of the third Accessory set of the first wave of two that were announced for 2003. Again these will be exclusives for Target. To bad the picture is black and white. But seems to be the best of the three sets.

    It's going to ship with the Gungan Warrior Set and Gamorrean Guard Set that we saw last month. Looks pretty good. Like that we have some ladders for our ships now. The directional batons are a welcome addition as well. Can't wait to see Wave 2.

    2003 Accessory Set: Yavin Hangar With Rebel Technician

    Jeremy: Expected sometime this quarter, the new Yavin Hangar with Rebel Technician pack comes with an assortment of worthy additions to any Rebel flight deck, including ladders for several Alliance vehicles, crates, a landing light and direction batons.

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    This set gets my vote as the perfect Star Wars toy EVER. Now I definitely have to get the TRU X-wing just to put with this set. Three ladders...I guess one connects to the Y-wing, A-wing and/or B-wing.
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    I don't care much for the accessory sets, but i must say, that looks very nice and should please many collectors. Score!
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    That's what I've been waiting for. It looks pretty cool.
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    Nice set, love the accessories. It's just a shame that the Jabba's Palace set has a gamorrean guard instead of a new alien.
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    Well, the accessory sets are for army builders and accessories, not new figures. Even this rebel tech is just a repainted Rebel Trooper without his vest.

    I'll be glad to pick up another Gammorean Guard (or 2).
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    Actually RogueII, it appears to be an AT-ST driver body. But since the arms are ungloved, it's the Imperial Scanning Crewman from the Millenium Falcon Carry Case. It also used the AT-ST Driver body, but had arms without gloves. The head is a modified POTF2 Rebel Fleet Trooper's.

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    Ok, I just ran upstairs and grabbed the Rebel Trooper, Scan Trooper, and AT-ST Driver.

    The Scan Trooper and the AT-ST driver have the same body, like you said. It looks like the Rebel Tech is using the head AND arms of the Rebel Fleet Trooper. You can tell by 2 things: The ways the arms are bent and the position of the hands.

    The Scan trooper's right arm is almost straight and there is only a slight bend in his left arm. Both ofthe RFT's arms are bent more, just like the Rebel Tech.
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    Thanks, didn't have the figures next to me at the moment. Was just going by images from the database. I don't mind the rehash, since the technician costumes were pretty much rehashes in the actual movie.

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    You're right, there is nothing wrong with re-hashes for droids and figures that wear the same uniforms that are different colors.

    I'm glad Hasbro didn't use the torso from the Rebel Fleet Trooper. His chest and abs are bulging through his shirt.
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