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    Complete season sets on DVD would be nice, but they are testing the market with the "Best of" sets. If they sell well enough, that will pretty much ensure that Season sets will be on the way. And it should sell well, because the ratings were high for the reunion show.
    Viewers also were clearly interested in revisiting the Bundys, as Fox's sit-down reunion/clips show of the long-running "Married" averaged a huge 9.8/21 in adults 18-49 and 19.2 million viewers overall. The demo score is not only higher than that of the recent reunions for "The Carol Burnett (news) Show" on CBS (9.5/23) or "The Cosby Show" on NBC (7.7/17) but also surpasses any nonsports score in the Sunday-at-9 hour for Fox since an episode of "The X-Files (news - Y! TV)" in November 1999.
    As for the lost episode on the first "Best of" DVD. It was considered to rauncy for US TV back in 1989. Here's the plot synopsis from
    45. I'll See You in Court

    The Bundys and Rhoades are taped having sex at a hotel. Peggy and Steve decide to sue, but only the Rhoades get money.

    NOTE: This episode never aired in the U.S. because FOX considered it too controversial, although it aired out of the U.S. several times.

    The cable channel FX has aired this episode on June 18, 2002 after years of being unaired in American syndication due to its controversial content (i.e., the hotel videotaping couples in their private moments).

    This UNAIRED episode was finally aired on the FX cable channel on June 18, 2002 at 8:30 central. FX, FOX gone cable has been airing Married With Children through syndication and has brought out some surprises with lost episodes and all.
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    Thanks for the info JJB.
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    I saw that "lost ep" a few months ago on FX, they rerun it every 4 months or so.

    If you guys miss the show so much, why don't you just watch it on FX or in syndication? I know why I don't, because I've seen every ep like 50 times now because of that.
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    Well, I do watch it on FX. But syndication always butchers TV shows, even recent ones. Hell, even the recent Simpsons episodes are cut when they hit syndication. Which is truely as shame. But it's even worse for old TV shows.

    Like All in the Family, originally episodes were around 26 minutes long. 3 Minutes of commercials and a minute for station identification/coming up next announcements. Today, most shows run 22 minutes without commercials.

    So on TV shows from the 70's your losing around 4 minutes, and even from the 80's your losing 2 at least. The ammount of commercials on TV now adays is pathetic. That's why TV on DVD is so popular right now.

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    I've seen most of them a ton of times too but I did let the show fall by the wayside a bit after the "Seven" year. I wouldnt mind catching up on those.
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    I just hope they release the seasons.
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    The seasons will be released starting next December.
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    Oy. (smacks forehead)

    I cannot keep up with all these great shows on DVD. My wallet will stage an uprising.
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    Confirmed, hell yeah. Where did you hear the news?
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    When did the show actually finish?

    I think it was deffinatly still running in 1997, it used to be on Sky One every night at around 6. I think it was any way,

    **Question for all the English people here, did Married With Children used to be on Sky One at around 6pm in about 1997?**
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