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    Thumbs up Southern Ontario

    I'm glad we actually have our own section now! Thanks so much to SirSteve and all the hard working folks at Action On-Line for making it a reality. Latest news here (and beleive me it's good) is THE DELUXE FIGURES ARE OFFICIALLY COMING TO CANADA!!! So head down to your local Wal-Mart and inquire about them. I beleive the Wal-Mart specific item number is 738955 (Wave 1 Luke & Maul) and they are called "SW Screen Scene" the price is $14.91. Hope this helps.

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    Hope to get them when I come home at Christmas!
    Charles Barkley:
    That's cold Obi-Wan

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    I'm back. Picked up Shimi at TRU today for $7.98

    Got Luke Bacta at Walmart for $14.99

    Merry Christmas to all!

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    I used to be a Jedi Council Member and now I'm a moisture farmer. Damn the empire!

    Anyone seen Vader emp. wrath in a regular store yet?
    Charles Barkley:
    That's cold Obi-Wan

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    Yes, my Wal-mart had two cases. They're nowhere to be seen nowadays though, what with the Christmas insanity in toy deparments across the nation. A very cool fig though!
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