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    Twisted Toyfare Theatre #2 Question.

    In the classic "Iron Reslove" does anyone know why they changed the last panel from Iron Hulk sitting with the JLA to Iron Hulk sitting with the X-Men? Has Wizard sold their soul to Marvel or something?

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    The answer to your question is hinted at in the editorial in (I believe) the very collection of which you speak, though it may have been in the first colleced edition. Somewhere in the introduction, the author complains about DC Comics being so selfish with their characters. What this suggested was that DC must have served Wizard Press with a Cease and Desist Order. You may have noticed that Superman, Batman, and company no longer appear in the panels of more recent Twisted ToyFare Theatre offerings. Also, check out the Star Wars Galactic Senate sequence in one of the two collections of TTT. Why is Iron Man getting so upset about Chancellor Valorum? Well, if you have the original ToyFare in which that was printed you will have your answer. In the original version, it was Superman who graced the pages, NOT Iron Man! Therefore the joke about the Terrance Stamp connection (General Zod/Chancellor Valorum) looses all of its punch when ol' Shell Head is used instead of the Man of Steel.

    So as a result, the X-Men replaced the JLA (thusly stealing the thunder of the joke from the original printing) and some TTT offerings will never see print (as there is no way I can imagine that the story presented would make any sense if the characters changed). If anyone out there has read anything about why DC characters are excluded from TTT please let us know the scoop. For now Adam will have to settle for JediCole's educated guess.

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    If that's the case, then damn you DC! What is making fun of your characters going to do to hurt you? I actually felt inclined to buy some Batman comics for awhile. I sure don't anymore. Now I will never see the TTT with Spider-Man in Gotham city! Blast you!


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