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    Endor Luke Lego For Trade, and General Lego Questions

    I'm new in the whole Lego realm, so if this is an odd offer, I apologize. I recieved my first Lego sets for Christmas this year, and I must say I was instantly hooked. I am currently using the sets I have gotten, and some sets I purchased immediately after Christmas to make some cool little mini scenes. Being a 'rookie' in this regard, I have a few general questions to ask of my fellow forumites:

    1. Where is a good place to find baseplates for my scenes? I'm sure they make them, I just haven't found any yet.

    2. Is Lego good at replacing pieces that were missing from a set? One of my sets was incomplete, I filled out the form on the site, just curious if this happens alot.

    3. Is the Lego Club worthwhile? One of my sets came with a free two-year subscription, so I figured I'd try it out.

    4. Does Lego make Trees and Landscape sets, or will I have to canabalize already released sets?

    5. Finnally. . . what Lego sets are a 'must have'? I am aware that not all of them are still available at retail, but I would like to know which sets are the coolest so I can track them down and get to building.

    Also. . . I have realized that most Lego sets come with extra pieces. This is cool, and I would imagine that after a few years of building you may have enough to build something worthwhile. Among my extras I have a complete Luke Endor with lightsaber from the Speeder Bike set. I was surprised to find the complete figure as an extra. . . but I am not complaining. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in this figure for one of their sets/displays. I would gladly swap it for a Lego of another character. I'm not sure who/what was made, so I guess I would be pretty flexible.

    Thanks in advance for any responses!
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    Well I'll take stab at answering some of our question.
    1. What kind of baseplate do you want? Lego makes several. The first two are easy to find at Wal-mart, Target, and so on, there are the large blue and green plates. They are about 10" x 10" (I think 32 x 32 studs) and run about $5.00. There is also a hugh gray plate that Shop at Home sales. Its 15" x 15" and is $9.99. By the way you can buy any of the stuff I'm talking about from Shop at Home.
    2. Lego is the best at replacing pieces. Over the 10 plus years I've been collecting Legos I've never had a new set (i.e. fresh out of the box) come with missing pieces. But on the few occasions when my dogs have had the need for some plastic in their diet, Lego has been great about replacing those parts.
    3. Don't know, so I'll let some one else answer.
    4. Yes, check Shop at Home's bulk bricks. Items I know they have are large and small spruce trees, the round trees, and bushes. You should check the web to see what else they have. And I should note Bulk Bricks are only a Shop at Home deal, you can't get them in stores.
    5. "Must have" is tricky one. What kind of Lego fan are you? For me Star Wars is a distant third or fourth in order of favorite theme. So like right now from Shot at Home you can get one of my all time favorite set, the Black Seas Barracuda. But if you don't like Pirate you might care less. But any way, a few of my picks for Star Wars are the Millennium Falcon, Jango's Slave 1, the Sith Infilrator, and Y-wing vs. TIE Fighter.

    Hope that helps some.
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    Thanks man. . . I'll look out for those baseplates. . . I guess my local stores are just sold out. I'll be checking out the Shop@Home stuff too. All of your input is greatly appreciated.
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    1) A: Lego sells baseplates direct, but some of the older baseplates are harder to get and may require a private seller.

    2) A: I've had nothing but good luck in this department.

    3) A: Lego Club kicks behind!!! Not only a fun, light, bi-monthly magazine, but also the occasional useful coupons and free stuff. You cannot go wrong by joining the Lego Club IMO, at the very least you get some fun building ideas, coupons off your purchases, and reading material for the bathroom.

    4) A: Lego makes several different varieties of trees, they even sell em direct in tree multi packs.

    5) A: I like SW sets that are great to begin with but also could stand to be improved by building upon them (this requires a store of extra parts, obviously - buckets are often a good investment there if you find the right assortments): Jango's Slave 1 and Luke's X-wing Fighter fit into that category. Also, others that are good are the TIE Fighter, Trade Fed MTT, and the Millennium Falcon which is pretty cool but expensive and hard to find. It's a lot about taste too. There are very few "losers" in the line, and the cool thing is that even the weak sets can be turned into something good with imagination.

    Something to keep in mind, we have a TRADING section in the forums for trades, we don't generally allow trades in other sections.

    I rarely get that big of an extra, but I have a few extra sabers and blades and little stuff like that - keep a watch for too many extras though, this sort of thing can often mean you missed a building step... I know that's the case with me.
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    All I know is, I have purchased many of the Star Wars Lego sets, and not once has there ever been a piece missing. In face in most sets I have one or two little extra pieces, like an extra light saber hilt, or some tiny little decorative piece. Now I just wish I had purchased the Star Destroyer before Christmas.
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    I've had a couple of defective pieces, a mispainted head, and 2 missing sets of stickers, but that's over 20 years of collecting Lego.
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    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    Thanks guys. . . sorry about that trade thing. The main purpose of the thread was to get some answers on Lego questions. I guess I should have worded the thread differently, or seperated the two. Thanks for all the information though. I'll be picking up a few more sets this weekend, and my club membership has been submitted!!!!
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