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    Wildest rumor or lie

    What's the craziest SW rumor you've herd or lie you've been told?

    I remember my friend telling me years ago about a giant star desdroyer toy that was so big it had to be carried by several people. Another friend told me there was a Cloud City carbonite freezing playset which had a feature that sprayed water mist to look like steem. This was way before there was a carbonite playset. I think he also told me about a sarlaac playset which required you to pour sand in it.
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    Let's see,

    There was a vintage Dagobah tank-top Luke.
    In '98 a kid told me he saw several figures of Luke's mother at Wal-Mart.

    That's really about all I can remember as the most wildest ones.
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    Back in the 80's George said he was making 9 movies. That's the most heart breaking lie I've ever come across in the Star Wars universe.
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    On the original vinal soundtrack of ESB it says there were origanally 12 parts, I think.
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    Somebody told me that one of the villians in ROTJ was named "Job of the Hut"
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    Originally posted by Eternal Padawan
    Back in the 80's George said he was making 9 movies. That's the most heart breaking lie I've ever come across in the Star Wars universe.
    I was going to comment on the quality of the prequels, but this one is better.
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    That Darth Sidious and palpatine were NOT the same person.

    That Obi Wan Kenobi, was really OB1 - KNOB, a clone of the original.

    That Count Dooku will turn out to be anakins father

    That Palpatine will turn out to be anakins father

    That Spielberg had been asked to Direct Episode 1 ( though I thought this would have been fantastic.)

    That Quentin Tarantino wrote a draft of the ep 1 script. (if this was true, I would have loved to read it.)

    the list goes on.......

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    Someone once told me Obi Was was really called Obi-Wanker , but that's not really a lie/rumor, just a stupid mistake .

    I once heard that Jar Jar would be a Jedi in Episode II!

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    Heh.... Obi Wank Enobi........

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    I can't imagine a Star Wars movie loaded with F-bombs and N-words but if anyone can do it, Quentin would be the man.

    Just recently I heard a crusty old guy telling a video store worker that George pushed Episode 3 back to 2006, that's the most recent rumor I've heard. Currently, the rumor which bugs me the most is the idea of Dooku as Ani's pappa.


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