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    Has there been some official word from Hasbro that they aren't making the 6"ers anymore?

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    not that I know of, but that part of the Action Collection/12"-scale line seems to have disappeared of late.

    I too would love to have more droids in the 6" line, especially with different head sculpts and maybe even some well-concealed and totally-nonintrusive gimmicks.

    BTW, I'd gladly pay $20 (or maybe more depending on quality) for an R2-D2 with leg-jets, body jets, the body doors and gizmos from the WM exclusive, the head arm for the drinks, the other head arms, the drink cart, the radar dish, the periscope, and especially Luke's launched lightsaber.
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    Oh, you mean, the Super-Duper-Neat-o-Special-Edition-Deluxe R2-D2.

    I would love to see and R2-Q5 in the 6 inch line.
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    I, for the third time, have a POTF2 6" Yoda as well. I would never sell it and I remember I picked it up at K-Mart for $19.99. I love this's awesome!!!
    For this line I'd like to see R2-B1, R2-Q5, and R3-T7 (with clear dome)
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