I've seen it brought up lately that hasbro should make another wave or so of the 6" figures like they used to.

My response is this: the last few 6" type figs (WATTO, SEBULBA, ANAKIN with some dumb accessory stuff) have all been released in 12" packaging and sold for twice their worth. I'm sure when an AOTC YODA comes out it will be packaged in the same manner. Hasbro realized they can get away with this and make more $$$. In fact, they're probably kicking themselves in the pants for not doing this sooner with R2, Wicket, et al.

It's a shame, too, because when the 6" line was going we could see both 12" and the smaller guys coming out at the same time. If it were to come back, the PT figs could be finished off with some podracers like ODY MANDRELL and GASGANO, then AOTC YODA and lil' BOBA.
For the OT, I would like to see an UGNAUGHT, and more ewoks such as TEEBO & LOGRAY.

let me know if you agree or not.