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    Unhappy Why No More 6" Figures?

    I've seen it brought up lately that hasbro should make another wave or so of the 6" figures like they used to.

    My response is this: the last few 6" type figs (WATTO, SEBULBA, ANAKIN with some dumb accessory stuff) have all been released in 12" packaging and sold for twice their worth. I'm sure when an AOTC YODA comes out it will be packaged in the same manner. Hasbro realized they can get away with this and make more $$$. In fact, they're probably kicking themselves in the pants for not doing this sooner with R2, Wicket, et al.

    It's a shame, too, because when the 6" line was going we could see both 12" and the smaller guys coming out at the same time. If it were to come back, the PT figs could be finished off with some podracers like ODY MANDRELL and GASGANO, then AOTC YODA and lil' BOBA.
    For the OT, I would like to see an UGNAUGHT, and more ewoks such as TEEBO & LOGRAY.

    let me know if you agree or not.

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    I completely agree. I'd also like to see those little droids cleaning up after the trade federation/gungan battle in TPM, I don't know what they're called.
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    but it's the second mouse that gets the cheese...

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    i'm all for more small scale 12 inch figures, as long as they don't make any more R2-D2's. i suspect the reason we have not seen any is that the last assortments(anakin, R2-A6, watto, sebulba,pit droids) did not sell well.

    if they do release any future figures in htis scale, they should be no more than $9 each or sold in 2 packs.

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    Well, Yoda is rumored to be getting the 12" scale treatement this year. Supposedly packed with his lightsaber. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but Hasbro's putting out alot of Yoda stuff, due to his sudden popularity with kiddies.

    MTFBWY and HH!!

    Jar Jar BInks

    AGENTS OF ATLAS - Returns in Early 2009.

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    I actually like most of the 6 inch (12 inch scale) stuff. Although I hate Hasbro's 12 inch line in general.

    I did buy the R2-A6, Pit Droids and Anakin. I thought that wave sold pretty well, except for the lousy Anakin.

    I think it's a sham to take a 6 inch figure and stick it in a 12 inch box with the bigger price tag. That's the main reason I never bought Sebulba.

    BTW, I have the POTF2 6 inch Yoda and I really like it.

    I may consider buying an AOTC 6 inch Yoda, even if it's in the 12 inch box with a higher price. But that will be the only one I buy!
    May the force be with you.

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    I could care less how much was charged for a 12" scale Yoda, I'd but it anyway. I love the figures I have (all of 'em) and can't wait for new ones to come out. If Hasbro decided to raise the prices on the 6" or 12" I wouldn't care as long as it meant we would get alot more figures faster.

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    The 6" figs in the Action Collection line always sold poorly, and retailers ended up having to deep-clearance-price them to get them to stop collecting dust on their shelves. I liked this size, but felt Hasbro wasn't really marketing these correctly, the toy itself was often great but you could barely see it in the packaging. The Jawa was much better loose than in package especially once his hood was adjusted forward to cover his face properly, but you could barely see much of these figures in those cruddy boxes. I love my WM-exclusive R2 w/ tools, that figure should continuously be offered forever, it should have been a Star Wars merchandising mainstay alongside its also-well-done shipping companion R5-D4 but instead it bought the farm as a Wal-Mart exclusive. So blame Hasbro and the retailers for why we don't get any more of these.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

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    Man, I love that R2 and R5 also, JT!!! I'd love to see more Astromechs in the 12" line, or in any line, for that matter. I imagine even R3-T7 would look cool as a 6" figure, what with the clear dome and all.

    Sithkiller, I have the POTF2 Action Collection Yoda as well, and I like mine, too.

    How about a 4" Salacious Crumb, anyone?

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    Originally posted by Twodot Tatooine
    How about a 4" Salacious Crumb, anyone?
    If they released this they would HAVE to release a Jabba or maybe even a 2pk. IMO you can't have one without the other.

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    Salacious Crumb! Yeah, that would be awesome. I'll remain optimistic, though, and hope they will put it with a jabba someday.
    I also would love to see a AOTC lil' boba and maybe a red or blue R2 from E1.
    I never understand the hasbro explanation that 12" scale figs don't sell well. I could never find the 6" yoda, R2 w/utility arms, or wicket at stores and had to pay an arm & leg to finally acquire them a couple years ago. Also, if they would put out these little guys, that would free up space in the waves of the 12" figures leading to more characters made. Of course I'm sure that is one reason hasbro doesn't make the 6"ers anymore. The other reason is b/c they can make twice the price by putting a 6"er in a 12" box.


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