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    The Sopranos Season 5

    Pretty cool premiere !

    Wow, there were a handful of lines that made me burst out loud with laughter. First of all was a comment by Robert Loggia which I can't repeat here, then Silvio's mid-sentence lecture about the olive oil, and what got me the most was Christopher's irritated "METEOR. METEOR." to Paulie.

    I like the look of the season so far and I think there are several great storyline possibilities. However, how pathetic are these characters? I mean, what a bunch of filth, eh? Tony is delusional in thinking he could ever win the heart of a class act like Jennifer Melfi and sure enough he shows his true colors when he calls her that word on his way out of her office.
    Tony Soprano has always been a dirtbag on the show but I still found him likeable in a weird way . . . but the way he's gotten since the end of last season and now with this premiere, he's just a downright creep.

    Great show !

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    I haven't seen it yet and probably won't for a few months for obvvious reasons, but I've read the recap on the HBO site. I know what you mean bout Tony, especially after the last season (which was my least favorite except for the Ginny Sac episode) he's looking more and more like the biggest loser of the bunch. I know Carmela can be a ^&%$ at times but most of that is Tony's fault. How could any man cheat on a woman like that. Sure there might be some better looking women out there but he's got (or had) an intelligent, loyal, decent (relatively speaking of course) wife who WANTS TO COOK all the time and he treat's her like crap. I'm telling you, if I ever end up with a woman like that I'd thank God every minute for her. I really hope this season's better than the last one. It could turn out like when season 3 made season 2 better. I hope so. I hope Paulie gets more one-liners too.
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    No way that was Lorraine Bracco's backside, had to be a stunt booty!
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    Re: The Sopranos Season 5

    Bosskman, I think Season 4 was fantastic.
    Ginny Sack is great, Carmine ordering the hit on Johnny and then Chrissy and Sil going to visit Lou DiMaggio, Ralphie nearly getting clipped by that guy in Florida until Johnny calls it off, Bobby getting a promotion (not to mention the "Hunchback of Notre Dame" diner scene), Silvio getting all bent out of shape over Columbus Day, Furio nearly bumping a drunken Tony into the propellors, there are so many things I love about that season. Each season has particular episodes which are favorites of mine but I can honestly say I enjoy each season equally.

    As for this week's episode, that was easily one of the funniest I have ever seen. I already watched it 3 times and I don't even have it on DVD yet !
    Weird thing is that Silvio is not even in it . . . which is odd for me because he's my favorite character. However, Junior, Tony, Johnny, Lorraine (not Braco, but the female capo played by Patti D'Arbanville), Bobby, Paulie, and Johnny all have lines which just cracked me up hard.

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    Re: The Sopranos Season 5

    I'm finally getting to see the episodes in first release this year, thanks for the miracle of a friend having a US satellite feed. I haven't seen the last few minutes of the third episode yet, but I'm enjoying season 5 immensely so far. I kind of felt season 4 spun the wheels a little bit, the only big instances being Junior's trial getting thrown out, Ralphie getting clipped (finally) and the surprise breakup of Carm and Tony. All this stuff was saved until very late in the year. The tension caused by Furio was great, but he was sadly underused in my opinion. I'm interested to see what the result of Ade splitting hammered after movie night will be.

    I've enjoyed Steve Buscemi so far, I think his character will add another player to the "funniest line of the week" competition for sure. Paulie's my absolute favorite for that very reason, but this season (so far) it's been the "Girl Scouts" crack in reference to the Bada Bing staff that has taken the cake. Priceless!

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    Re: The Sopranos Season 5

    Indeed, that's the line I was referring to earlier by Feetch.

    Well I still disagree with you guys . . . season 4 rocks. Chrissy Boy's intervention? PRICELESS.

    Reason, oh man you need to catch the end of episode 3 for Junior's line, "Make sure you form a seal when you shut that frezer door." Man, I nearly cried from laughing !

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    Re: The Sopranos Season 5

    Moltesante at the intervention WAS really funny, I had forgotten about that.

    Junior has just run away, totally delerious looking for Tony's dad in the old neighborhood at what's now a church - with a slightly darker complexion than Uncle Jun's. Funny stuff, stupid old bugger.

    You're right about them being scumbags, they're absolutely filthy. It's the comedy that keeps me coming back for more.

    That and the hope that the Russian is still alive, and that Paulie and Chrissy are going to have to chase him through another Jersey swamp in the middle of winter!!!!!

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    Re: The Sopranos Season 5

    Who knows about that Russian . . . I mean, it definitely looked like a chunk of his head flew off, yet the trail ended and they did an overhead shot which implied he was up in that tree. Maybe he is still there ?

    Tonight's was another great episode. Some funny moments but very serious, too . . . poor Feetch, going back to the can. Poor Larraine, I might feel sorry for her were it not for the racial slur last week and of course Johnny's criticism of her proclivity to whacking other people. I didn't expect her to go so soon . . . interesting combination of locker room hijinks (towel snapping) and execution style murder.

    Get this - the woman who played Larraine, her name is Patti D'Arbanville . . . anyway whenever I saw her name in the cast credits I kept humming Cat Steven's song "Lady D'Arbanville" to myself and no ****, I just learned that she once dated him and he wrote the song about her.

    The way AJ talks to his mother is disgusting.

    Whoa, and how about that trio of guest stars playing in the card game ? ? ? Lawrence Taylor, David Lee Roth, and Bernie Brillstein. Franki Valli is going to be on this year, too.

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    Re: The Sopranos Season 5

    Another great episode and damnit did I ever laugh hard when Silvio started yapping on that megaphone.

    There were many other great moments but I sure do like that Vito . . . even if he did clip Jackie Jr a few years ago.

    This worked pretty well as a self-contained episode of sorts. That is, assuming the public display in Nuevo Vesuvio is going to last.

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    Re: The Sopranos Season 5

    I think Christopher is on his way out.
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