It's a story about corrupt cops in LA's gangland, a police captain trying to come out of it as a successful Latino politician, and the street gangs that are fighting to control California's largest city and all the drug traffic from Mexico.

It's very real and a show that will make you very angry, but hook you in!

I hope that one of them blows away that child-rapist next week. He made me so mad, just doing that to tick them off, that I don't care if he gets a fair trial or not. It's wrong and I know it - but he's not even a citizen and he's not in the United States doing legitimate business either. He's scum, pure and simple.

Then again, so are the cops in that show - so they might as well kill him.

The cops almost fire-ringed the other cartell leader in the last show - and they would have done it if he didn't come up with the cash, too. I love how they double-crossed him and knocked him out and took him across the border in the trunk of their car! The bumper stickers were a nice finishing touch.