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Thread: Who's next?

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    Who's next?

    After the Boba Fett 300th figure what order do the figures go in?

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    I am a little lost on the question. What do you mean by what order?

    This brings up a question I have, though. Maybe you can help me. I never got the 300th Boba Fett. Can you tell me what the order was of the first 300 figures? (Like a scan of the package back or something)
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    He means order of release, and since Hasbro made a big mess of that on the packaging anyway, it's gonna be wave by wave I guess.

    Here's the list of what's on the 300th Fett and other lists and a "corrected" version linked on the left side of that page.
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    You know, it would've been really cool if Hasbro started numbering each figure after Fett 300 came out.
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    What will be the next milestone figure? 600? 700? 1000?
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