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    Cool Expanded Universe Displays

    One thing that I liked with the short-lived EU line was the packaging with built-in display. Iíve got a set opened and have them side by side on a shelf. Not likely that we're going to see this type of packaging again for the other figures since this line didnít sell as well as the others.
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    Isn't that funny how these supposedly didn't sell as well as the others...yet they are some of the hardest figures to find. But yes, the packaging was very nice.
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    Thats the only exception on which i would buy two figures...the EU line.

    I open all my figures, and i like to display them with everything they got as an accesory, and since the card is a little diorama it should be displayed also. The problem is that i keep all the cards boxes etc.

    I havent bought them yet, but considering that, then some boxes of the toys should be bought twice. Like Rancor, Bantha, W-wing...etc..

    For me i would JUST buy the EU twice.
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    Ah, yes!

    I have all of these carded. I am working on a loose collection with all of the cards for display!

    However, since I want the cards (in good shape) I will probably buy them all carded...AGAIN!

    So far all I have are Imp. Sentinal and Kyle for diplay!

    This was one of Hasbro's better ideas! Cool dioramas with figures!

    Meesa like dis!
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    Cool figures, cool displays, fan interested in more EU = line that Hasbro will not continue.
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