No they are not out. I got these early from a friend who buys them overseas, probably direct from the factory.

The Geonosian is awesome! There are some flaws. The wrists do not pivot, but the elbows bend (barely - and not enough). The knees are jointed and more flexible, but not that it does any good - he stands best in one pose. The head turns of course, and there is some attempt at articulation in the ankles. But the wings are the nicest thing - but other than that, this'll remind you of either the 3 3/4" Geonosian, or Watto's 12". The Geonosian does have one article of removeable 'clothing' - err more like plastic: his ornamented pelvic guard. But he's nicely detailed and it does impress me and makes me hope we'll see what they can do with a 12" Poggle the Lesser if they one day decide to make one!

You'll require a doll stand to keep the Geonosian on his feet though!

Anakin takes getting used to. I first saw this one and cringed. I never gave my buddy the money for him. He told me to just "borrow" the figure and see what I decide sometime later. Then I can give him some cash, or return the 12".

His shirt sleave does not come unattached with velcro like Ponda Baba's jacket. That means, if he gets his arm sliced off, miraculously, nothing happens to his clothing

The feature makes his arm fall off much more easily, while just trying to pose him, and then you have to stuff it back up the sleave - but this is not too troublesome for the person who changes a loose display occasionally. However, for a kid - uh, well they're not going to be too happy.

The droid hand seems undersized, but it might just be that it's skeletal, and if we didn't have flesh on our fingers, or on one hand, that hand would be smaller than our other hand too. But Anakin cannot hold anything in his droid hand.

Then again, any figure can hold anything you want with those clear rubberbands Hasbro now ships with just about everything.
THE GEONOSIAN REQUIRES A CLEAR RUBBERBAND OR HE CANNOT HOLD HIS SPEAR! (I forgot to add that it's not easy to make him double-handle the spear, and poses with two hands are limited due to lack of wrist articulation in the Geonosian).

With Anakin, articulation is standard for a 12", and I posed him just like the Unleashed Anakin (my favorite Unleashed).

I've finally gotten used to the face, but his head is added on, cutting off just under the chin, on the neck, instead of having a full neck plug into the body like most 12". This gives Anakin a double-chin look (well not really, but I'm not sure how to describe him). And he also makes me wonder if I have a prototype, and the finished version will have this flaw corrected???

Meanwhile, after getting used to his face, he does look more like Hayden (attacking Sandpeople maybe) than the previous Anakin. I may just keep this figure. But he's far from my favorite.

The clothes are the same as the last one. Two lightsabers are included. One is his correct AOTC saber, but not the blue one he borrowed to use against Dooku (which was not Obi-Wan's real saber either). The green one is correct - his borrowed saber from the Arena.

One final thing: the sleeve on the artificial hand is curiously molded plastic. Plugging it in gives you two sleeves of the same inner shirt???? The droid hand does not turn at the wrist in any way.

Overall, the Geonosian is better than Anakin, and I still like the original AOTC Anakin 12" better, but this is a nice wave. My friend did not bring Padme (of which his extra is going to his young niece to play with on Christmas).

I was looking forward to at least seeing her

So my judgement on that figure might have to wait until we all are getting her in retail stores. Upon that occasion, I'll be down for one more Geonosian!