Ok. . .I know he has been out for a while now, but I was looking at him yesterday and something hit me. . .

Who the heck is he supposed to be?!?!?!??

I first thought. . . OK. . . generic officer with no resemblance to any of the movies characters. Well after a few minutes of checking him out last night. . . I am more confused than ever. . .

1. Is it me, or does it resemble the officer (sorry, don't know his name) from a New Hope. I think he's the one that asks Tarkin if he should have his shuttle ready. You know who I mean. . . the officer with the sideburns. . . right?

2. If this is the case. . . why does the packaging say "Empire Strikes Back". . . there are no Officers that look like him in Episode V ?!??!

3. Thirdly. . . If he looks like the guy from Episode IV, but the packaging indicates Episode V. . . why does the picture show Moff Jerjerrod from Episode VI !?!?!?!?!?

In my mind. . . if they were going to make Jerjerrod. . . make it look like him, and name it Moff Jerjerrod. If they meant it to look like the guy from A New Hope. . . give him a name (I'm sure he already has one), and put his picture on the package. If they wanted it to be generic, or from ESB, get a picture of a background officer, and don't make it look like Ozzel, Veers, or Piett.

I think this may be one of the stupidest figures when you look at it in package. I know. . . its a toy. . .it should be played with. I don't have the space for this, so I keep them in package, and stack them, etc. It appears to be a good figure, but it seems that Hasbro was a bit confused as to who, or what they were actually producing when it came time to package the figure.

Just had to get this off my chest.