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    might use the new BBI body just got.
    check out my custom GTA vice city jango fett unifom with gatling gun.

    along with the new BBI body

    I still need pics of jango fett

    [CENTER][B][url=]ChEck OUT MY CUSTOM 1/6 Scale FIGURES [/url][/B][/CENTER]

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    Whats up with those shoes bro! You think the armor in the boots looks bad, LOL. No offence, I'm just playing.
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    Question Jango Fett - Ultimate Villian Help

    Has anyone found a nice, easy, safe way to keep these silly gun holster straps to stay together? I can't for the life of me get these to stay together!!!

    I don't want to glue them or tape then, any other suggestions?

    Thanks in advance!!!

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    Image to reference

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    your best bet is to put them on under the thigh armor. the straps are a flawed design, so you're probably not going to be able to fasten them like seen in the photo.

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    I found that you have to carefully thread them through, until they're far enough in that they don't slip out. It can be done. And yes, they shoud definitely be under the armor. I wouldn't begin to attempt to strap them around it; it's hard enough just getting them threaded. I also doubt someone wearing such attire would strap his holsters over his armor.


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