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    FP has today received Acklay Obi-Wan & new Dooku.
    Passed on both.

    Also wave 2 of the Star Toys droids, oddly enough, at 12.99 a pop.
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    Just gotta deluxe clonetrooper with buy it now from ebay at 9.99 which i thought was cheap from the new to this stuff where do i find r2dtoys?????

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    also the two toys r us near me brent cross and hayes both cleared the starwars sections for space...excited me popped back the next day as i thought they would have new gear but bloody action mans been put up!!!! star wars stuff now only on the edge of an aisle what the hell is goingon??? And why havent thery reduced the prices yet??

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    It would appear that the TRU price drop was all a cunning ruse on their part, I haven't heard of any branches that have done it.

    As for R2dtoys, go to - I'm not sure if they have a 'bricks and mortar' shop anymore, but one of the regulars will be able to confirm.
    and I thought they smelled bad on the outside...

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    I havent posted on here for a long time and the last figure I got was Watto but I am still missing the Destroyer Droid and any after Watto, but this is what I have found out in my online searching... have the following instock at 6.99 each...

    Destroyer Droid
    Darth Tyranus (Geonosian Escape)
    Obi-wan Kenobi (Acklay battle)
    Padme Amidala (Droid Factory)
    SP-4 & JN-66 (Research Dorids)

    Also, I think have mis-marked the Deluxe Geonoisan and Pod figure, its only 5.99 when all other deluxe figures are 8.99, wish they had something else on their site I could buy then I could get it.

    I have also seen 1 guy on ebay who has the following at roughly 6-8 each...

    Star Wars TEEBO Ewok ROTJ RePacked MOC AOTC
    Star Wars EETH KOTH RePacked Saga MOC AOTC
    Star Wars TUSKEN Tatooine Ambush US MOC AOTC
    Star Wars SP-4 & JN-66 Library Droid MOC AOTC
    Star Wars AMIDALA Droid Factory US MOC AOTC
    Star Wars AAYLA SECURA Twilek Jedi MOC AOTC
    Star Wars BARRISS OFFEE (Padawan) US MOC AOTC
    Star Wars LAMA SU & Clone Youth US MOC AOTC
    Star Wars YODA Jedi High Council MOC AOTC
    Star Wars DARTH TYRANUS Geo Escape MOC AOTC
    Star Wars OBI WAN KENOBI Acklay Bat. MOC AOTC

    Because I seem to be missing so many I think I might treat myself and buy them all at once hehe, unless anyone knows anywhere cheaper, and dont say R2DToys, I have only ever ordered from them 3 times and each time had something wrong, had a crushed Darth Maul, then a Crushed Ephant Mon and worst was a crushed Silver R2D2 but they replaced it luckily for me because I had it signed by Kenny Baker

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    Sounds like you've had a run of bad luck there - I've been buying from R2DToys for about 18 months without a glitch. No complaints with the Bedford SciFi Store either - bought from them just before Xmas, no problems.

    I'm still looking for Aayla & Barriss - I'm really hoping that one of the central London shops gets them in the next couple of weeks.

    If you're in the South West, have you tried Hen's Teeth in Exeter? Not especially cheap but reasonably accessible from Bristol.
    I was last down there in June 2002 & they were still going strong then...
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    Thanks for that but I cant even get to the TRU near bristol easily because I dont have transportation, anyway, dont like buying from TRU anyway, they ruin the figures by putting those security stickers on them, impossible to get them off, same with FB and they even charge more, only place I have bought from is the Entertainer, got a Djas Puhr many months ago, think I will just order online, never any stickers on them that way, that is unless anyone knows of a big fair comming up where I could get them all?

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    I've never had anything but perfect from R2's. Odd that you've had bad luck. As for new stuff, I'm being patient for the cheapness of geting the first waves for just 4 a pop from R2's. TRU seem to have disappeared up their own bum again as the Chester branch has reduced their display right down and when in there the othe day they just had Djas, Orn free taa, Palpatine, bearded rebel soldier, geo warior, Han endor, padme pilot, Typho, royal guard, and a couple of the last deluxe. But just two rows of pegs and the rows were five pegs wide. really poor showing. I think the reduction to clear was for their benefit not ours.
    I just don't feel any hurry to get any of this new stuff. It's all hanging around somewhere or other for years afterwards anyway. Someone somewhere hordes a warehouse ful of it and then the smaller retailers get a hold of stock and you can find what you want eventually. Then again, I'm also not in a hurry to buy anything at all with that extra shuttle and a load of backordered stuff from R2's on my credit card bill. It'll be march before I go shopping again.

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    I have read about the Shuttle but is it worth 75, just have only seen the box and not the actuall thing and dont know because with 75 I could get alot of the figures I need if not all of them.

    Also, has anyone been in an argos recently, im told they have the Jedi Starfighter for 8.99 and at that price I will take it.

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    GET THE SHUTTLE!!!!!! Are you insane! It's a must-have!!!!

    Sorry, a bit extreme there but I love mine!

    You have EMpire DAy III in Honiton in a few weeks - could probably pick up a few bargains there.
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