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    Well, IMO there aren't that many good figures coming out this year that would total 75, so unless you're going to be buying tons of army builders you might as well take advantage of the cheap shuttle price because soon it's going to be mighty expensive to get one. This false report of just 5,000 being made is going to kick around like an urban myth forever and that means unscrupulous retailers will tae advantage of lowly collectors and up up up the price. John is the only one I can think of that's being fair to us. Actually passing on some savings. He collects himself so he knows what it's like. I'm not talking here for the sake of creeping but because I actually believe what i'm saying. I mean it's all about profits but if someone is prepared to cut their profits to pass on a good deal then I say stick with them.

    Okay, getting off my soapbox now.

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    There's no Hasbro SAGA stuff in the current Argos catalogue at all! Maybe they were selling them on clearance while back.
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    After being sued for millions I don't think ARGOS or INDEX will be too chuffed with Hasbro for ratting on them. I'm not at all surprised that there's no stuff in their catalogues. They've tasken their bat and ball and aren't playing any more. Diddums...

    Hasbro won't really be bothered, sales are up anyway and they will probably step up their own webstore sales to compensate or use other avenues to retail the stuff.

    17,000,000 is a big fine though, Littlewoods will be smarting for a while if they can't get a rematch in the courts. I don't think they'll win, after all is said and done ARGOS and INDEX were set up as low cost catalogue places where the masses could find items cheaply. Setting the prices high is a bit stupid if it's actually supposed to be a cheap place to shop. Meanwhile Hasbro is laughing all the way to the bank scot free.

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    Think I might have to get the shuttle then but as for the figures, I dont just buy the ones I think look good, I am collecting them all, just the basic and deluxe figures for now, even have all the first 16 with inserts and even a little Jorge Sacul, got afew of my figures autographed but like I said, I collect them so if there is a basic or deluxe figure I dont have I will be buying it.

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    hi all thanks for the info on r2dtoys as i am relatively quite new to this im planning on visiting r2dtoys shop as its only about 30mins from me...does anyone know if the do the same deals as there website at the shop as welll for eg three saga figs plus one ep1 fig for 10 pounds!!(crazy cheap)???

    also foound 2 clonetrooper red at 2 dofferent tescos bought them both and also tesco in osterley have about 30 final duel 2 sets at 2.99 pounds if anyones interested

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    Hardy, congrats on hunting-down the red clone-troopers, which seem to be almost impossible to find these days. Regarding the R2DToys offer, please my reply on the other thread about that.

    Regarding the Hasbro/Argos situation, I think the latest Argos catalogue was prob'ly printed a few weeks ago, so I don't know how much relevance it has to yesterday's court-ruling. Maybe there were advance rumblings of the verdict, though - such things do tend to happen.

    Anyway, I'm a happy bunny this evening, as I've just opened my parcel containing Secret Ceremony Anakin, Lama Su & the Clone Youth. (I got some strange looks from my colleagues when I told them I was off early this evening to take delivery of a cloned human child from Singapore!)

    I'm very happy with these figures - Anakin in particular! Just right!
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    I'm not surprised you got funny looks, they lock you up for that sort of thing these days y'know

    Is anakin as shiny as the pics galactic hunter showed? Those pics made the plastic seem really glossy which looked odd. Can you see if lama Su has proper legs under his robe/skirt? I was thinking of customising a lama Su into a regular kaminoan teacher/clone attendant and just wondered.

    Hardy, I think R2DTOYS closed the real world store up to focus their efforts on the webstore. I'm not 100% sure but i think that's the case. seem to recal John saying something to that effect in this thread a few pages back.

    My tescos is poo. Supposed to be big place but they never have anything decent. Comes from being placed in a deprived area out in the middle of nowhere. I dunno, I live in a green belt area that supposedly has a lot of monied people living in it and the stores here are so conservative. I guess the money is tied up in property or something. Either that or the rich folk don't have kids. Weird thing is that round the corner from this big tescos is an area of low income folk that has a million squillion kids who'd take advantage of cheaper toys. I mean c'mon, anyone would think tescos was a food store or something...

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    Can't say I'd noticed that Anakin is particularly shiny - no more than Hangar Duel version, anyway. His cloak is possibly shinier than the new Padme's.

    Lama Su's legs are similar to Taun We's, but without the holes in his feet. He stands up rather better than she does, as his skirt surrounds the body completely and, if anything, is slightly longer than his legs. He has exactly the same articulation as Taun We (shoulders and waist only) but stands more than a head taller.

    The Clone's outfit is slightly lighter in colour than AOTC Boba figure, and as reported elsewhere he's articulated at the shoulders, neck and waist. He's a good likeness.

    I think R2DToys tends to be open for a couple of hours some day, up until lunchtime. It's still best to ring before making a special journey.
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    I've managed to pick up Padme, The Droids, and Tusken Raider, AT LAST!!!

    Very nice they are too!
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    Nice one!
    Next stop for me - Barriss and Aayla!
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