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    Found Anything Lately?

    Has anyone found anything after Jedi Council Yoda yet? I've noticed how everythings slowed down alot over here, even R2DToys haven't had anything since Lott Dod!
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    I picked up the new Saga Imperial Officer & Rebel Fleet Trooper head variants from R2DToys last week - but these were one-offs that I'd won on eBay auctions, rather than out of a full case assortment.

    Both these figures have lighter hair-colour than their POTJ predecessors. The Imperial Officer is the version with the wider chin, and the face of the Rebel has an expression that to me looks more determined and less nervous than the previous version.

    Haven't seen a Jedi Council Yoda, but then I haven't been looking for one. My local branch of Forbidden Planet has had waves of the Destroyer Droid figure in stock about three times.
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    What are Toys'r'us doing lately?
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    R2Dtoys haven't had anything new for ages
    but i think everything is coming all in one big go according to them
    hopefully padmé 2003 is coming soon
    Ireland rule!!!!!
    Next on List : Destroyer Droid (Arena Battle) ,Clone Trooper with Speeder bike, Geo Arena, Dooku Speeder, Aayla Secura (Jedi Knight), Barris Offee (Jedi Knight), Commerce Guild Spider Droid!!!!!

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    TRU will be selling off all the cheap stock they got from hasbro, older stuff mostly with possibly a trickle of the new stuff which will fly off the pegs faster than you can say "blip". TRU in Chester and Liverpool looked fairly empty last time i was in and they appeared set to recieve all the new stock on everything. Liverpool had almost completely removed their star wars stuff and Chester were putting out plenty of figures just nothing new. Chester is a prime store to visit being a high turnover store. They get a better deal that a store like Liverpool which doesn't move enough stock. Chester will have more new stuff sooner and more of it it than a low turnover store like Liverpool. Even Warrington is a slow store apparently.

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    Cardiff Toys R Us has next to nothing, even the new action fleet which only arrived there just before christmas,hasn't been restocked.

    Not star wars related,but this weekend I picked up some new things. First was the toy of the Starship Enterprise NX-01, fantastic little thing,more like a model and nothing like the naff electronic enterprises and starships of the past. Impressed with this.

    Then second I got two replica swords from lord of the rings, Gandalfs Glamdring and Frodos Sting, really really really nice things, and I got them severely cheap, certainly wasn't going to pay the rip of £250 that Battleorders do them for.

    All in all,good weekend. Still no email from d&s toys about the action fleet shipping cost,and nowt from Hasbro, tho that hasbro email I only sent friday,so thats fair enough

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    The Toys R Us in Sheffield is quiete lately they have loads of Ephant Mons and the other usual figures...oh and a Gunship!!

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    Lakeside TRU looked like there'd been a riot. There were next to nothing on the shelves, even with the fact that they've shrunk the stock down to about five pegs!

    They still had almost 20 12" Maces, and a few Wattos and Pilot Jango - but that was it!!! They're also still pushing the Artoo offer, although anyone would be hard pushed to spend £30!

    The Entertainer had the usual mix of stuff, as did Into The Void, and the Collector stall in the old Marketty bit.

    And Tesco Beckton have the Reek for a fiver...
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    Norwich TRU is a similar scene. There's lots of figures, but nothing new and did't I hear recently that that he price of figures would drop to £3-£4? If TRU want to shift old stock, they aren't going to at £5.99.
    and I thought they smelled bad on the outside...

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    If anyone wants an extra Anakin OPD for customising purposes (or just target-practice), there's currently about a dozen of them on the pegs in the basement of London's Tower Records for £2.99 each.

    I might drop by and pick one up this lunchtime if Forbidden Planet have still got their £1.99 Qui-Gons, and do a quick head-swap....
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