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Thread: Are these rare?

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    Are these rare?

    Hello all

    Just wonderin'............

    I have just bought a VAders TIE flight controller with trench & bonus X-wing micros and also a FCont X-Wing with trench & micros.

    Paid $40 each for 'em that I thought was OK.

    Are these rare ? It's just that I have never seen them on Ebay before.

    Also - won auction for FCont TIE Int & FCont Y-Wing @ $80 US - was this a good buy (again never seen 'em before on Ebay)?

    Thanks as ever for your time & expertise.


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    britcit3, I don't think $40 is bad for the Flight Controller's with Bonus Death Star Trench and 2 MM vehicles. Those are fairly scarce and AFAIK the Vader TIE and X-Wing are the only 2 that have this bonus stuff.

    The latter controllers were pretty scarce too. Was that $80 for both the Y-wing and Interceptor or for each?

    Those flight controllers are nice sets...the only problem I have is finding the missiles....they always seem to find their way under bookcases or in out of reach places
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    Hey R2

    Thanx for the incredibly prompt reply - very helpful.

    The Y-wing/TIE Int controllers were $40 each too.



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    Hi BC3, I'm still looking for these two controllers with MM's. They are very hard to find. The sad thing is that I saw several auctions on Ebay or Yahoo for these variations in 1998 and 1999. I think they were available on the foreign market because I saw them in Belgium and France in private collections. Unfortunately they became very hard to find nowadays.
    $40 each is a little expensive for me (but when you love you didn't count).
    The Interceptor and the Y-Wing are not so rare. I saw them regularily on Ebay.

    I'm not sure but I think the Vader's X-Wing controller should exist in the smaller and the bigger versions. The bigger version is dirty (the single boxed big Vader's Tie is clean).

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    the mm bonus with trench fc's are definately an interesting variation released by galoob. i had bought mine on ebay a couple of years ago. prior to seeing them on ebay, i had no idea that they even existed. as i recall i paid about $30.00 or so for both of em.

    the tail enders, the y-wing and tie interceptor were never available in large numbers here in the u.s. (the same old song and dance for tail enders ), i was fortunate enough to have been able to track these down (with major help from r2dee2!) a few years ago.

    great find bc3! open em up, and have a blast chasing bc'jr round the house with em!

    this is red 5 standing by!
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    I would have paid 40.00 easily for the X-Wing with Bonus MMs. I've been searching ebay for it for a very long time and have never even seen it for sale, but don't search as often as I should I guess. I got lucky getting the Vader one about a year ago, it was listed with a buy now of 15.00.

    The Y-Wing and Interceptor usually don't go that high, that auction is the most i've ever seen them sell for, but it's still not a bad deal since they aren't common anyways. If anyone else needs them check Whenever I search for Action Fleet over there an FC Interceptor and Y-Wing usually pop up and thye usually have buy nows of I believe 21.95 each.


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    BC3, if you do open the Interceptor flight controller, can you please post here as to whether or not the TIE Int. pilot is the type with removeable helmet & George Lucas likeness? Also, can you confirm that the 2nd figure is the Stormtrooper? I know that this question came up recently, and Haggie's site could use use the update on the description of the figures. I have thus far not been willing to open mine, as I only have one, and only open when I can get at least two of something.
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    the tie pilot that comes with the interceptor flight controller, is not the removable helmet george lucas pilot. it's the non-removable helmet pilot just like the ones that come with the standard tie fighter.

    the 2nd figure is indeed a storm trooper.

    of further interest, the interceptor is the darker blue color variety.
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    These got a lot more rare when they were clearanced through the various Big Lots chains (Big Lots, Odd Lots, Pic-n-Sav, and a few others) a year ago or so. Some Big Lots stores still have these hidden in their filthy shelves, but these are still rare. I can't find my set anymore, they're "somewhere" in the closet.
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    BC3. if you open these, can you confirm that the trenches in both packages are the same?



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