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    Has no one else noticed the "Stormtrooper scream" in the Two Towers???

    In one of the action sequences ( i think it may be the warg attack) you can hear someone doing the classic "ooowwaaUuaaa!!" scream heard so often in EVERY star wars film.....

    Am I the only one who caught this?

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    It's not exactly a "Star Wars" or "Stormtrooper" scream. It's a scream called the wilhelm, and has appeared in quite alot of movies. It's actually from a 1951 Warner Bros. Western called "Distant Drums", and has turned up in a lot of movies. Here's some more info.

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    When I noticed that in LOTR I burst out laughing ! I think it's great that Peter J put it in .

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    Yep, I noticed the Wilhelm too !

    Also, the Delorean sounds like an X-Wing to me.

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    Yeah, that was one of the first things i caught. I immediately tapped my friend on the shoulder and did, "Dude, it's the Star wars and Indiana Jones scream!!!"

    Later on, we talked about how PJ got Lucas and Spielberg to put it in there, and we came to the conclusion that if look in the movie, you'll prolly see Jedi's, Stormtroopers and Indiana Jones fighting alongside the Men/Elves at Helms deep. This was the "payment" so to speak. You put our yelp in there, you have to put some of our characters in there as well. Though, we have to prove this point.
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    what is that scream that they use all the time usually when someone is falling of something very tall. its much longer than willhem, id say this one is the standard for all movie screams.

    i think its in broken arrow when that guy is kicked off the train and falls into that river valley. but thats the only time i can think of it
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    That longer scream always sounds like the scream from Dark Forces when you fall into a pit. Anyone else remember that from the game?
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    Uh, yeah, we've already talked about this:

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    Originally posted by stillakid
    Uh, yeah, we've already talked about this:
    Your thread mentions nothing about its appearance in The Two Towers.....

    Atleast as far as I can tell....

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    I know where it is In AOTC, (landing platform), but where is it in the other Star Wars movies?

    And there is something else that I have noticed in alot of films, In TPM when Anakin is working on his Podracer with Jar Jar, all his friends come running through giggling, and I'm sure it's that same childrens giggle that I've heard in so many other films, am I right?
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