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    did luke ever get his lightsaber back in ROTJ?

    i was pondering wehther to post this or not for a while....does he?

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    Sure. Whatever floats your boat.

    Or... yes.

    Here's how that scene went:
    Anakin: "Tell your sister, you were right!"
    Luke: "Father. I won't leave y- wait! Where's my saber? Saber! Say-burr! Where are you?"
    Anakin: "Uhhhhh..."

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    I would assume he wouldn't just leave it. Besides how do you think he lit Vader's funeral pyre? A Zippo?
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    Uh..I thought he used a torch? Anyways,I would think he made another one.

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    I can't find any online evidence of this, but I believe Luke did have his lightsaber when he was at the final celebration at the end of ROTJ.
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    Thumbs up

    I am going to say that he had it.
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    Luke has his saber at the end. You can see it dangling from his belt as he enters the Ewok village and hugs Leia.

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    Originally posted by Jedi Learner
    Luke has his saber at the end. You can see it dangling from his belt as he enters the Ewok village and hugs Leia.
    This from a Jedi learner kidding
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    i saw it wehn i watched it again...

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    I think it is a long-standing Jedi tradition that if you don't lose your saber in shameful defeat (along with your life or at least some significant appendage) , you're supposed to throw it down and leave it as a monument to your glorious victory.
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