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    Any Collecting Regrets?

    I was just curious if anyone had any collecting regrets. Possibly something they passed on only to never find it again. Or the other way around -- You bought something (or a bunch of somethings) hoping it would increase in value only to discover it was worthless.

    For me it was passing on the POTJ Tie Bomber when it first came out. I found 4 in a local TRU but didn't have the $30 to pick it up. I figured that since TRU had it and it wasn't an exclusive, I'd purchase it in a month or two. Boy was I wrong.

    I also passed on the Target Skiff. I found only one, but the packaging was pretty beat up. Like the clear plastic front was half ripped off. I passed hoping to find one in better condition but never did.

    In the "almost" category, I almost missed the AT-ST/Speeder bike TRU exclusive. They were sitting on the shelves for a few months in plenty and then when I went to get one, they were all gone. Luckily a very nice employee called all the local TRU's and had one shipped from Oregon for me.

    Anyone else?

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    Not buying Han w/ Tauntaun the one and only time I saw it.

    I kind of wish I picked up the Complete Galaxy Vader and Yoda for $5 each and an extra set of the Rebel Pilots Cinema Scene for $8 during the clearance sale at KB.

    The only Target exclusive I passed on was the Y-Wing, but I don't really regret it. I saw it in the store twice. It would have been nice to have, but I don't feel like I really needed it. The only reason I have the B-Wing is because my wife found it on clearance.
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    Yup, regret not getting the R2 B1 when I saw it on clearance for $1.97.... What was I thinking??????

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    I regret passing up Darth Sidious (Holograph). I saw it in Wal-Mart one time, but I never saw it again.
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    Lately I have actually been wondering if I really need to be buying all these toys. I mean what is the point? I don't need any of them...but then again I really don't need 99% of the things that I buy. What would I be doing with the money if I stopped buying all of the things that I don't need? Nothing! It would just be sitting in some bank somewhere. Now I'm not a moron and I realize that in this society you need to be financially secure (which I am) so why buy all this stuff. Because it makes me happy and why would anyone strive to enjoy life and not be happy. I sure as hell don't get up for work in the morning because I think that it is a Hoot! Money has no intrinsic value unto itself; it's only value is in the things that you can trade for it and their only value is in how happy it makes you. I feel myself starting some dangerous nihlistic loop where nothing has any absolute value, which is true, but it is not the point that I am trying to make at this time. The moral to this story is that as long as you are being responsible (taking care of your obligations, yourself, family, considering the future, etc.) just do whatever makes you happy. Life is to short to deny yourself things. This may all sound a bit off topic or out of place but I'm sure that I am not the only 'aging' SW collector who has asked himself that same question at one time.

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    Okay. . . here is my one regret. It is a biggie:

    At the time I was working at a retail store that was getting Freeze Frame Figures in for $1.99. This was great, and I actaully picked up all the rereleases. I got the Sandtrooper, AT-ST Driver, TIE Fighter Pilot, everything that I didn't already have I purchased. I had always been a completist, but I always waited on the reissues, so this was a great opportunity. Needless to say, one evening I was at the local mall, and I stopped into an Electronics Boutique. At this time, this video game store was also carrying Star Wars figures. It was acutally the only place I found the Han & Tauntaun Beast Pack. On this visit, I noticed that they also had the Collection 3 Freeze Frames that we'd been getting in at work. Their prices ranged from $2.99 - $7.99. I laughed to myself thinking. . . "Ha!, I'm getting these for next to nothing!!!" It was at this time I saw a figure that I still did not have. How could this be!?!?!?! I have been buying the one's I needed once they got into the store, I've never seen this one. Hmmmmm. I picked up the figure, and looked it over. Pretty cool, and he was only $2.99. Ah. . . but there is where I went wrong. I figured I would just wait until we got it in, and purchase it at $1.99, and get 15% off as an employee. Why waste a buck on a figure I will surely see at work for cheaper? So at that moment I put the figure back on the peg, and made a mental note to look out for this one at work. Unfortunately, that particular case assortment never made it to my store. Actually it is rumored to only have been sent to Electronic's Boutique. So, while I was extremely lucky to get many of the now higher priced Collection 3 Freeze Frames for $1.99. . . one still eludes me. . .

    I never saw another Freeze Frame Weequay in person, and have never seen one sell for less that $275.00 since. While I complain about not having a Toy Fair Vader, or a Jorg Sacul. . . I was not at either of those affairs, and can understand why they are not in my collection. But everytime I see a Freeze Frame Weequay for sale, I am haunted by the fact that I saw one for $2.99, and passed up because I wanted to save one measly dollar!!!!!! Since that day, I have never passed on a figure at reatail that I don't have.
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    well I'm still 16, but I too sometimes wonder why I even buy toys anymore, I don't really need them and they just stand there, but then again, I wouldn't be doing anything else with the money so why bother thinking about it...although I do think that I won't buy as much SW as I did before and focus more on mcfarlane, since I get a lot more from them for my money, especially if I get SW figs for about 10$ and mcfarlane figs for 15$...
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    I passed up:

    1) Freeze Frame Boba Fett because I didn't want to buy any of the POF2 figures repackaged with a slide and only wanted to buy the new FF figures.

    2) All 11 Flashback figures at KB for $2.99 each. A week later, they jump $1.

    3) Dexter w/ pipe text and BG for a Peasnt Disguise Anakin. When the E1 figures came out, a few weeks later, all the good characters would disappear. So I thought, "hmm I better get PD Anakin before he disappears; Dex isn't popular he'll still be on the pegs..."

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    I wonder why I bought all of these prequel figures.

    Lately I have been thinking of just collecting Original Trilogy figures....and only getting the really good prequel figures.
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    they had a Don Post Tie fighter pilot helment at Target.. out of the box, marked down to $20 bucks... I passed up on it.. I still kick myself.. grrrr...
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