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    Yoda and Jedi Youngling Pics!

    Hope this hasn't been posted already:

    Personally, I think they look great.

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    Agreed. These look like instant classics. Yoda might actually have 2 legs! Can't wait to see the hoverchair!

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    Lightbulb Pics of the Padawans!!!!

    Well Done Hasbro!

    While it doesn't show it, the article also says Yoda comes with Hover chair. And he is articulated at the elbows. Nice.

    My favorite: Jempa great work.

    Check it out...
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    dude you must have posted this JUST after mine.....

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    They do look like cool figures. Can't wait to get them.
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    Very nice. Finally a couple of figures to be excited about. Yes, I too can't wait to see what his hover chair looks like. Hopefully it will come with some kind of clear base so that it and Yoda can hover at the appropriate height.
    Looks like the Younglings are all made of the same body sculpt except for the heads being different. Not too bad.
    I am wondering about Yoda's outer robe being sculpted as if it is being blown by the wind. Does it do that when he is in his hover chair?? I cant remember.
    I'll be looking forward to getting both of these.

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    Cool! I'll definitely be getting these, so far they look the best out of all I've seen for '03 (that may change when we get Snowtrooper pics )

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    Finally, some AOTC figs to get excited about!!! The Younglings are so cute, with their darling little lightsabers... I mean, they are cool, they're frickin' awesome!

    I may have to spring for two of each of these sets, one to open, one to keep on the card, like I used to do in the old days...

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    Yoda and youngling will be good, but what about the two younglings? I wish each one came with their own training ball or the two Younglings pack came with the holo-emitter.

    Overall the look pretty cool though, i'm glad they finally seperated Yoda's legs, I hope this means we'll get a Yoda later on with regular legs under his robe like the vintage one had.
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    One word--- SWEET!!!!!!!!

    No gimmicks! Nice neutral poses!



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