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    Originally posted by jw_bryant
    heres my take on the light saber colors. Red sabres go to Sith Lords and Apprentices. Blue sabres go to Padawans. Green sabres go to Jedi masters. Obi-Wan became a jedi master when Qui-Gon died. thats why he has a green sabre in the trailer. in A New Hope, the lightsabre Luke gets is blue. Later in the trilogy, he ends up with a green one.
    Whjat about Adi Gallia?
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    I used to think blade color was determined by the user's affilliation, when a Jedi makes the crystal for their saber using the Force, their attunement to the Force is what makes the crystal's color - blue for Jedi who were true to the Light Side, red for Sith who were one with the Dark side, and green for those who were stuck in the middle between good and evil like Luke in ROTJ - but it didn't explain Anakin's saber for Luke in ANH, so now I think it's just totally random.
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    I always thought this; Sith's have RED sabers because red is considered evil, Jedi Master's have BLUE sabers because blue is the color of peace and Padawan's have GREEN for growth/learning the ways of the force, but that's just me.
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    Of course, that's my opinion I could be wrong.

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    I think most of you make valid points. But there are holes in the logic as mentioned before. Adi Gallia I believe bears a purple saber. Is it because she is female? I can't remember if anyone else has a purple saber but I will check it out in the visual dictionary tongiht after work.

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    I think the blades are blue and green because those make the most interesting visuals on the screen. George never had any intention of making blades other colors until Sammy jackson asked if he could have a purple blade.
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    if you've played jedi power battles or have seen the figures the members of the jedi council have different colors. (pol koon has yellow, adi galla has a purple...) that could show that they are on the council. i dont know. good point though.

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    I agree... I'd love to see a wide color of sabers for the Jedi's.
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    Of course, that's my opinion I could be wrong.

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    neither anakin or obi wan will be using qui-gon's saber in episode 2. obi wan has one exactly like the one he used and lost in the phantom menace. and anakin will have a graflex style saber like vaders but with all chrome parts, no black emitter, with a green blade.

    and as we know form the spy reports and now confirmed by the trailer, anakin and obi wan are taken prisoner on genosis and have their sabers confiscated. when the jedi rescue them, it's rumored anakin picks up the saber of a fallen jedi(blue blade) to fight dooku.

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    Blade colors don't mean anything! It's the crystals they are using, that's all.

    Sith don't use natural crystals, they are synthetically forged to perfection in a time-honored way (according to source books, Darth Maul's journal, etc.) That's why they are always red.

    Jedi CAN have red lightsabers, but they are dependent on the crystals they are using making red light, such as a ruby.

    Generally, for films, visually speaking, red looks like blood and an evil, dangerous color, so the bad guys get it.

    I think it is cool to have Jedi seen with red sabers, as it makes them look bad-azz and powerful. Jaina Solo has a red lightsaber, and one of those Leia has gone through was red also.

    Some pictures and different artists vary the colors of all these sabers, Jaina's being purple or whatever. Luke's looks white during the Blast Shield training scene on the Millennium Falcon. It could just be the way Han dims the lights...

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    Red face

    all jedi masters build there own unique lightsaber...says so in plo-koon's jedi force file....they choose the color, style,etc of their sabers...i think the padawan's might do this too(?) or they get their masters old saber.


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