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    Are any of the new 2003 figures out yet?

    I gotta go to a trumpet lesson today so I figured after that I'd drive up to target and see if theres any new figs. Are the figs like padme arena and the jedi analysis droids out yet?

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    Anyone know because I kinda gotta go to my trumpet lesson soon and I don't want to go if theres no hope of new figs.

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    They're not in Maryland yet and I haven't seen them on E-bay, so I would say no.

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    I know a guy from Leavenworth, Kansas who has the new Darth Tyranus - Geonosian Escape... he says it's better than the first Dooku and it has a metal lightsaber with removeable blade

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    Originally posted by Darth Trymybestus
    I know a guy from Leavenworth, Kansas
    Not Deadeye???!!!???
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    I'm not sure... Anyways, I can't wait to get these figures! I plan to be waiting at TRU VERY early!

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    I actually saw them last night at Frank-n-scalp (a collector show here in LA). One guy had the new Padme plus all the re-hashes and was selling them for $8 ea. The Padme looked nice!

    I think he gets his stuff straight from Hong Kong though, and like mtriv73 said: since there's none on ebay, they're probably not hitting U.S. retailers yet...

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    The Padme looks very nice, I wonder how many people will switch the heads with the arena version, then you'd have a neutral Padme with a neutral face and a Padme battling the nexu
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    Yeah seems like these guys arent out yet.

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    They ship in two weeks for late Jan release.
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