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    wow, those actually look pretty cool IMO, very nice
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    This slavequarters building was used several times by the ILMers in TPM. They moved the models around but i spotted this building six times in one shot alone. I made it purely from corrugated card and styrene. The arches are all card and the steps are styrene blocks glued together with wood glue like they were real dried sand blocks. The doors are just makeshift jobs because i couldn't be bothered spending time on them just for a test. I just dribbled glue onto card in star warsy patterns and let it dry. I like the overall shape of the building and how it turned out but i have no place for this so it's gone in the trash. It's just old cardboard boxes after all.
    I wanted to post these images because it's not necessary to spend money to make stuff. Layered card works just as well as expensive modelling materials like sculpey. Niubniub uses so much sculpey and super sculpey it makes me marvel at how he can afford it all. I just layer up card and carve it like wood. mounting board is good for that. Foamcore is no good unless you want really dodgey edges and you want to make something big. Use thinner card glued in layers and carve it. It is after all wood and rag pulp dried. Carves up a treat once you get used to working with it. It's lighter than sculpey type stuff too.

    And using wall filler as a smeared substance over the card will make it wet but if your mix is not sloppy and you work in a warm area it'll soon dry off enough to paint over.

    Fleckstone by plasticote comes in various sandy colors. It's a clever spray thing where it has two nozzles combining. Two different paint colors in the same can spray out at the same time and you get a spckling effect that mimmicks stone. Sort of a 3D relief effect. I sprayed over any old color fleckstone with sand gloss spray so my models would have that plasticky look that would tie in with Hasbro products. No point going overboard on realism for plastic toys. Make the backdrop match the stuff your puting in front of it.

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    And you used fleckstone on all the buildings? It looks great! I might have to try that myself.

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    Question. Does anyone has directions to make a handheld wire cutter?


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