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Thread: Cheap Ways

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    Cool Cheap Ways


    I have a cheap if you are building AOTC battle grounds.If you want damaged battle droids,you go to and they have wholesale 12 pack brake apart battle droid from Episode 1 for 25.00,that is $2.00 per figure.Also if you want clone ebay has boot legs,10 Clones for $30.00 that is $3.00 a clone.

    If you have ways to save post them here.
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    I have several of the break-away battle droids. Bought them more than a year ago. They are cool.

    I've even thought about buying some of the regular BDs on clearance and cutting them to look like they were slashed with a lightsaber.

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    OC- Sound cool but i don't like the new BD's.They just look f***ed up.Thats what I think,you think different.

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