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    Do YOU have all 48?

    Force Files that is, There are 47 original ones, and if you count the variant Scout trooper, there are 48. Do you have them all, I just realized with the Force Files ending, There could be a complete set, I just realized i had them all. So do you have em?
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    Thumbs down aw dammit, why is they ending???

    force files is Cool man. i only got a few cuz i only got a few figs, but think aboot it: their front & rear window graphics allow hasboob to use the same cards for All the figures (thus keeping costs down), and even get em to come up with interestin backstory tiddybits on occasion
    force files're Hella better than commchips, stupid collector coins, tasteefreeze slides or whatever the hell Other useless unwanted Junk they're gonna replace em with
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    48 so far? I've got all the POTJ figures so far, so i guess I've got all the force files too...
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    I know I have them all.
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    Wow, are we really up to 48? I have all the ones I want, except for Lando and the black R2 unit. Still hoping they'll pop up.
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    No. I don't have all 48 since I can't find anything here in Iowa. I also think my local Wal-Mart stopped selling star wars stuff.

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    I talked to the toy manager at one of the Wal-Marts here in El Paso, he didn't even know they still made Star Wars toys. Way to know your job there, buddy!
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    Nope not yet,but I hope to one day
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    I think so, but please clarify on the Scout Trooper JFF variant, I had only heard about the cold weather Obi-Wan JFF variant (which I ended up with one of each by complete accident). I am not a variant hunter, but the minor ones seem to fall into my lap (and get announced as somewhat desirable variants roughly 3 seconds after I open them ).
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    Yep. Although I must admit I didn't consider the variant scout trooper #48. I have them stored neatly in business card holders in a binder. Very nice way to store them IMO, plus they're easliy accessible.
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