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    Thumbs down Extreme nitpicking of the week…

    Or I’m bored and got nothing to do so I’ll pick on the hand that feeds me sort of say...

    Following the foot steps of my post “Waste of good topic space” I’ve managed to find yet more posts with totally brilliant replies that’s bound to be comic relief classics when it comes to all the arguing that goes on about certain websites and between some as well etc, etc, etc.

    Once again people there’s no need to reply to my post as I just posted it because I found it to be hilarious and wanted to share it with you guys and if it offends in some way the moderators of this website are totally free to delete the entire post but I’ll take my chances anyway.

    Here we go... My first title is “Let the one without sin throw the first rock.”

    Here we go again... “Picking on someone is better then answering the question itself.”

    An administrator that are bothered with petty misstakes made by members and that have the power to delete and edit posts could easily just go and edit the post in order to correct the stuff bothering them instead of trying to pick on someone as that’s the right thing to do.

    Same goes with posts harrasing people for making a spelling misstake. Period.

    Highly illogical as Mr. Spock would say.

    I know. I’ll get hanged for this.

    By the way... I bet I’ll receive at least “one” reply to this post.

    Kindest regards,

    Lars “Sweden” Olsson in Sundsvall, Sweden.

    A last minute note:

    I thought about not posting this topic due to all the crap I probably would get for it but after I got home this evening and discovered yet another e-mail from someone who felt abused by certain websites I got so angry that I decided to make the post anyway...

    Yes. People do e-mail me about stuff like that no matter how weird it might seem. Period.
    R.J. (John Carpenter's The Thing) MacReady: Crazy Swedes...

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    And here I thought we had an understanding; I won't bother to bring you up on my boards again if you would gather a life and ignore my own.

    Obviously you have failed to do that.

    For someone who spends much of his time here taking shots at FBTB and constantly voicing a disinterest in what goes on there, you certainly waste much of your time reading it.

    JT - one would think that you'd have better topics for discussion on these boards . . .
    Webmaster, From Bricks to Bothans

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    there is better topics for discussion, notice no one replied to him. i figured these posts would have been deleted.
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    Wink Re: Extreme nitpicking of the week…

    Dear Mr. Tim Saupé,

    I’m not going to start arguing with you on this forum as I’ve got no interest in it and then again I’ve got serious health problems and therfore I’m too tired for it but dear Tim we never ever had a understanding as you call it as I never ever were able to communicate with you.

    Plain and simple as that. Period. But enough of that.

    I think... Therefore I am.

    I do have a life in the real world far away from the Internet with my loved one, family and friends as I assume you’ve got one as well but to be honest this isn’t a matter of two neighbors arguing with each other over what life style the one and the other has but something else.

    Plain and simple as that. Period. But enough of that.

    I don’t spend the time I’m on this forum only to take shots at the “From Bricks to Bothans” website and forum as I’ve only done it specifically with my last two posts but sometimes I feel that certain issues that can destroy the fun of the hobby should be brought up on here.

    I know that The LEGO Group is somewhat of a holy cow to you as you receive exclusive news from them months after the leaks were out and everyone new about it already but when this toy manufacturer make misstakes? it should be brought up like my “ISD” order.

    That’s just a example of what should be allowed to be brought up on a forum as everything about the toy manufacturer, your website, other websites and this website as well isn’t just something that so perfect and without any faults that it should be glorified beyond belief.

    What I’m trying to say is that when something’s wrong and/or out of line and it affects people in a negativ way or even hurt them in some way I feel it should be brought up and this was the case with the above post even if I didn’t want a bashing of you and your website and forum.

    What happened some days ago just like what happened when I left your forum in the autumn of 2001 was that I received e-mail from members of your forum being upset over your ways to deal with certain issues and how you and some of your known members bullied people.

    So I got a bit ****** off and thought I’d stand up for these people who hail you as a king as they don’t dare to do anything else or they get banned from your forum that you rule with a iron fist where you’re the king and The LEGO Group toy manufacturing Gods with this post.

    Another reason for this was also all your talk about your so called “Code of Conduct” rules that everyone should obey to or be banned only to see you allow mocking, bullying and accusing amongst members as well as participating in it yourself in your “public” forum.

    I’m already banned from your forum so it can’t get much more worse, unless I get a heart attack of course, but for some of the members of your forum who maybe see it as their only fun in life it can get worse if they get banned so therefore I voiced their opinnion over here.

    If it was right or wrong of me to make the above post is up to the moderators and the public to decide but as long as there’s something called “Freedom of Speach” and something called “Right and Wrong” and “Good and Bad” I’ll voice my opinnion and thoughts to the day I die.

    It’s 7 days since I made my post so it’s a little late to whine now I think.

    There’s another thing that I can bring up and that’s when I’ve made posts mentioning you, your website and forum, creations your members have made and really good posts members of your forum have made and that in a good way as well as giving you credit for your work.

    Obviously you’ve failed to see those posts. Well of well. Nothing to do about that.

    Plain and simple as that. Period. But enough of that.

    You got a very good website going there that sometimes provide cool information and a forum that sometimes has interesting conversations going on and I do visit it regularly as it’s specialized in the LEGO Star Wars line unlike most other website into everything Star Wars.

    With something as big as the Star Wars universe of merchandise it’s impossible to totally cover each and every product released to please all the needs and wants from fans but some websites truly specialize in a certain products to be able to cover it as much as possible.

    There you’ve got it and it’s therefore I do visit your website and forum but don’t let it get to your head as you could improve it in certain aspects like leaving your personal feelings out of it all and therefore I won’t hail you as a king as you’re just a human being like the rest of us.

    Plain and simple as that. Period. But enough of that.

    I quote you:

    “JT - One would think that you’d have better topics for discussion on these boards.”

    Look who’s talking as I’ve received e-mail from members of your forum complaining about the exactly same thing about you but remember that Sir Steve, ACPin and JediTricks are the moderators of this forum and they’re free to either bann me or delete my posts if they want.

    Plain and simple as that. Period. But enough of that.

    Just relax. It’s just a hobby and it’s just for fun. Not a matter of life and death. Never was.

    Kindest regards,

    Lars “Sweden” Olsson in Sundsvall, Sweden.
    R.J. (John Carpenter's The Thing) MacReady: Crazy Swedes...

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    Talking Re: Extreme nitpicking of the week…

    Dear fourtwo,

    Figured I hear from you. You’re ever so predictable.


    I specifically asked for “NO” answers to my post. Maybe it was therefore no one answered.


    Sure. There are better topics for discussion but the same goes for the other forum.


    They aren’t deleted. But Sir Steve, ACPin and JediTricks are free to do so.


    There’s a function called: Private messages. Ever heard of that?

    I quote a person to remain unknown:

    “I’m doing great. My sons and I really appreciate all the info you post on these forums .”

    Kindest regards,

    Lars “Sweden” Olsson in Sundsvall, Sweden.
    R.J. (John Carpenter's The Thing) MacReady: Crazy Swedes...

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    if you didn't want some sort of response then why bother? seriously, what purpose does it serve. i'm not gonna fight with you, even though thats what you seem to want. i'm hear to have a "good time". maybe i'll just keep my lego discussion on fbtb, they seem to be a bit more mature.
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    This thread is being locked before it gets any worse.
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