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    25th Anniversary Luke and Leia preview

    At they have posted pictures of the 25th Anniversary Luke and Leia 2-pack.

    I'm a little disappointed, but this IS just a prototype.

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    Is there a "dry heave" icon around here? That'd pretty much sum it up for me. I can almost taste the bile now.

    What's up with the Gary Busey Luke? And please let a FEMALE artist paint the makeup on Leia, not some geek fanboy with a penchant for Penthouse pets and bushy eyebrows. Ugh.

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    Boy, the new pic does seem to suggest "slophouse" to me too. Yikes!
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

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    Gary Busey Luke! That's a good one, Master PL!!! You hit it right on target. It looks like Luke has taken a couple steps back instead of forward.

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    I'D take a few steps back too (figuratively speaking- no pun ) if the girl next to me looked like THAT!!! Yeesh!!! Who put the make up on HER? Madonna???? And there are those teeth again!!! Poor Luke... the Rebellion needs a better dental plan. We need better sculpts- what a way to celebrate the anniversary of something we love so much!
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    The Leia head sculpt, to me, looks like something in between the first, ape-like Leia face and the new likeness Leia.

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    Thumbs down

    As of now, not very happy with them. I don't like the colors used or the sculpting very much. I hope those are not the finished products.
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    Anyone notice the predominant upper teeth that this Luke is sportin'. What is going on here anyway?

    In all honesty it doesn't look very good, lets just hope the other two 2-packs are better. The coloring here is off, and the sculpts are terrible.
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    That's called the goober Luke look, Wildwood.


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